What Is The Difference Between Apple iPhone 14 And iPhone 13?

Although the iPhone 13 series is still on sale normally, the heat is also very high, but the Apple iPhone 14 series will soon arrive, after watching the apple iPhone 14 revelations, many users holding the iPhone 13 seem to want to start the iPhone 14 again, and there will inevitably be a wave of buying.

Is the Apple iPhone 14 worth the shot? What is the difference between apple iPhone 14 and iPhone 13?

Apple’s iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 are mainly different in terms of processor, screen, camera, memory, etc.:

1, Processor

Starting from the iPhone 13 series, the performance of Apple’s mobile phone began to gradually open the gap, the standard version is equipped with A15 processor castration version, the Pro version is equipped with A15 full blood version, the performance gap is still quite large.

Rumors say that the iPhone14 Pro version will be equipped with A16 Pro processor, and there will certainly be a very obvious improvement in performance.

2, Screen

Last year’s iPhone 13 series brought a high refresh rate screen on the Pro version, which really made the experience of mobile phone users have been greatly improved.

The iPhone14 will also continue to use a 6.1-inch OLED screen, with a bangs screen design and a screen refresh rate of 60Hz. But the iPhone 14 Pro series will have a ProMotion 120Hz function, and the iPhone 14 can provide better brightness and better visual effects than the iPhone 13.

3, Memory

The iPhone 14’s running memory was upgraded from 4GB to 6GB on the iPhone 13, and it also used the faster LPDDR5.

4, Camera

It is undeniable that the 12 million pixel lens has been with Apple’s mobile phone for many years, but the Android mobile phone next door has begun to upgrade to a 100 million pixel, 50 million super-base pixel lens, and Apple’s mobile phone also needs to make changes.

It is rumored that the iPhone 14 will be upgraded to a 48MP lens and will support 8K video; Continue with the 13 Pro model’s ultra-wide camera with autofocus and macro capabilities.

5. Battery life

The iPhone13 Pro’s battery life is excellent, especially the Max version. To the iPhone14 Pro series, due to the further improvement of the thickness of the fuselage, the battery capacity may also increase together, and then with the iOS system and A series processor, the strength can be imagined.

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