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What is Article 142?

Reference: In an extraordinary demonstration of its constitutional powers under Article 142 of the Indian Constitution, the Supreme Court has called Manipur cabinet minister T. Shyamkumar, who is facing disqualification for defusing his office, was immediately barred from entering the assembly.

What is the issue?

The apex court decided after chairman Khemchand Singh failed to decide on the pending disqualification petition against Shyamkumar even after one month given by the apex court. Instead, the speaker demanded a stay on the matter for eight weeks.

What is Article 142?

Article 142 “Granting the Supreme Court a unique power, to do “full justice” between parties, that is, where sometimes the law or statute cannot provide a remedy, the court may extend itself to a quietly inserting dispute in a way that would remove the facts of the case.”

Article 142(1) says that “the Supreme Court may pass such decree in the exercise of its jurisdiction or order that is necessary to do full justice in any reason or case and before any decree is passed or ordered.” The entire territory of India can be enforced in such a way as may be ordered by the President as may be prescribed under or by any law made by Parliament unless provided in that provision”. 

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