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World Geography General Knowledge Questions

Q. Which one of the following islands is located in the South Indian Ocean?
(A) Chagos
(B) Maldives
(C) Mauritius
(D) Seychelles
Ans: (C)
Q. Madagascar is the largest island in
(A) Indian Ocean
(B) Pacific Ocean
(C) Bay of Bengal
(D) Red Sea
Ans: (A)
Q. Diego Garcia is situated in
(A) Indian Ocean
(B) Pacific Ocean
(C) Arctic Ocean
(D) Atlantic Ocean
Ans: (A)
Q. Which of the following islands of the Pacific Ocean belongs to Melanesia groups of islands.
(A) Soloman island
(B) Gilbert island
(C) Society island
(D) Marshall island
Ans: (A)
Q. Which of the following statement is not correct?
(A) Falkland Archipelago is located in Indian ocean
(B) Namibia is located in Africa
(C) Nicaragua is in central America
(D) Yemen is in Asia
Ans: (A)
Q. The distance from Aceh in the far North-West to Torres Strait in the East is 5000 miles, almost equal to the distance London and Baghadad. The archipelago has 14,000 islands, some mere equatorial rocks, others some of the largest in the world. This description best fits
(A) West Indies
(B) Japan
(C) Philippines
(D) Indonesia
Ans: (D)
Q. Which of the following is the largest island of Japan?
(A) Hokkaido
(B) Shikoku
(C) Hodouri
(D) Honshu
Ans: (D)
Q. Fiji Island is located in
(A) Atlantic Ocean
(B) Pacific Ocean
(C) Indian Ocean
(D) Arabian Sea
Ans: (B)
Q. In the map given below, four islands of Indian Ocean region i.e., (a) Seychelles. (b) Chagos,
(c) Mauritius and (d) Socotra are marked as 1, 2, 3 and 4. Match them and select the correct answer from the code given below. 2 3 1 4
Code (a) (b) (c) (d)

(A) 1 3 4 2
(B) 3 1 2 4
(C) 1 3 2 4
(D) 3 1 4 2
Ans: (D)
Q. When was Macau island transferred to China?
(A) 1990
(B) 1992
(C) 1997
(D) 1999
Ans: (D)

Q. Where are the Balearic islands located?
(A) Mediterranean Sea
(B) Black Sea
(C) Baltic Sea
(D) North Sea
Ans: (A)
Q. Consider the map given below. The numbers marked 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively indicate the islands of 1 2 3 4
(A) The Bahamas, Azores, Falkland Cape Verde
(B) The Bahamas, Azores, Cape Verde and Falkland
(C) Azores, Cape Verde, the Bahamas and Falkland
(D) Cape Verde, the Bahamas, Falkland and Azores
Ans: (C)
Q. Which of the following is an island continent?
(A) Africa
(B) New Zealand
(C) Greenland
(D) Australia
Ans: (D)
Q. On which river is the world’s largest river island?
(A) Nile
(B) Amazon
(C) Brahmaputra
(D) Sindh
Ans: (C)
Q. Grenada is located in
(A) Pacific Ocean
(B) Indian Ocean
(C) Caribbean Sea
(D) Mediterranean Sea
Ans: (C)

Lakes and Waterfalls

Q. The correct sequence of the Great Lakes of the USA from East to West is
(A) Huron – Michigan – Ontario – Superior – Erie
(B) Superior – Ontario – Erie – Michigan – Huron
(C) Ontario – Erie – Huron – Michigan – Superior
(D) Erie – Huron – Michigan – Ontario – Superior
Ans: (C)
Q. Which of the following is the second deepest and the longest lake of the world?
(A) Tanganyika Lake
(B) Baikal Lake
(C) Superior Lake
(D) Great Bear Lake
Ans: (A)
Q. Which of the following lakes lies entirely in the U.S.A.?
(A) Lake Michigan
(B) Lake Huron
(C) Lake Superior
(D) Lake Erie
Ans: (A)
Q. The largest fresh water lake in the world is
(A) Lake Windermear
(B) Lake Loch Ness
(C) Lake Baikal
(D) Lake Superior
Ans: (D)
Q. Which one is not a part of Great Lakes?
(A) Bear
(B) Superior
(C) Huron
(D) Michigan
Ans: (A)

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