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World Geography General Knowledge Questions

Q. Dolphins are classified in
(A) Fish
(B) Amphibians
(C) Reptile
(D) Mammals
Ans: (D)

Q. From the following option, seal is the species of
(A) Fish
(B) Bird
(C) Reptiles
(D) Mammal
Ans: (D)

Q. Amphibia are
(A) Very fastly moving boats
(B) Animals living in water only
(C) Animals living on land only
(D) Animals living equally in water and on land both
Ans: (D)

Q. Which of the following property separate a man/human from apes?
(A) Envice a desire to learn
(B) By a rudimentry sense of smell
(C) Contrary thumb
(D) Broader chin
Ans: (A)

Q. Among the following, which one is not an ape?
(A) Gibbon
(B) Gorilla
(C) Langur
(D) Orangutan
Ans: (C)

Q. Smallest man-like ape is
(A) Gibbon
(B) Chimpanzee
(C) Gorilla
(D) Orangutan
Ans: (A)

Q. Nilgai belongs to the following family.
(A) Cow
(B) Goat
(C) Sheep
(D) Deer
Ans: (D)

Q. Octopus is
(A) An arthropod
(B) An echinoderm
(C) A hemichordate
(D) A molluse
Ans: (D)

Q. The largest invertebrate is
(A) Octopus
(B) Squid
(C) Coral
(D) Jellyfish
Ans: (B)

Q. Among the following organisms, which one does not belong to the class of other three?
(A) Crab
(B) Mite
(C) Scorpion
(D) Spider
Ans: (A)

Q. White leg-horn is a variety of
(A) Parrot
(B) Peacock
(C) Fowl
(D) Owl
Ans: (C)

Q. Ticks and mites are actually
(A) Arachnids
(B) Crustaceans
(C) Insects
(D) Myriapods
Ans: (A)

Q. Glow worm is
(A) A mollusca
(B) An insect
(C) A worm
(D) A nematode
Ans: (B)

Q. Which one of the following is not an insect?
(A) Bed bug
(B) Spider
(C) House fly
(D) Mosquito
Ans: (B)

Q. Spiders are different from insects because they have
(A) Six legs
(B) Eight legs
(C) Ten legs
(D) Twelve legs
Ans: (B)

Q. Which is not insect amongst following?
(A) Butterfly
(B) Cockroach
(C) Mosquito
(D) Spider
Ans: (D)

Q. Which of the following group of animals are nocturnal animals?
(A) Housefly, Bed bug, Parrot
(B) Mosquito, Bats, Owl
(C) Mosquito, Sparrow, Deer
(D) Owl, Bats, Dog
Ans: (B)

Q. Which one of the following animals stores water in the intestine?
(A) Moloch
(B) Camel
(C) Zebra
(D) Uromastix
Ans: (B)

Q. Poison gland of snakes is homologous to
(A) Electric organ of fishes
(B) Stings of rays
(C) Sebaceous glands of mammals
(D) Salivary gland of vertebrates
Ans: (D)

Q. Poisonous fangs of a snake are modified form of
(A) Mandibular teeth
(B) Palatine teeth
(C) Canine teeth
(D) Maxillary teeth
Ans: (D)

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