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The Rivalry Renewed: Bills vs. Dolphins The Greatest Games

The Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins are long-time AFC East rivals. With both teams poised to make a run this season, fans will have an opportunity to witness a rivalry renewed. The Bills and Dolphins have faced off seven times in the playoffs, with the Dolphins winning four of those match-ups. There’s no telling what will happen when these two teams face off in 2021, but whatever the outcome, expect the rivalry to be fierce.


The rivalry between the Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins is one that has sustained over the years and they are once again set to renew their rivalry in the upcoming 2020 NFL season. Both teams have a long and storied history which has made them contenders in the AFC East for decades and this season promises to be no different. This article will go in depth and look at the team lineups for the renewed Bills vs. Dolphins match, the intensity of the renewed rivalry, if the Dolphins are ready to take on the Bills, and the intense excitement and anticipation that surrounds the rivalry renewal.

Team Lineups for the Renewed Bills vs. Dolphins Rivalry Match

The Buffalo Bills have improved greatly in the past few years and with the additions of well-known players like Tre White and Frank Gore, have become one of the top contenders in the AFC East. The Bills have also drafted stud rookie Josh Allen who looks to be the franchise quarterback of the future. The Dolphins, on the other hand, have undergone somewhat of a complete overhaul in the past two years under the direction of first-year head coach Brian Flores. With the acquisition of draft picks like Tua Tagovailoa and free-agent signings like Ereck Flowers, the Dolphins are looking to compete in the AFC East.

A Look at the Intensity of the Renewed Bills vs. Dolphins Feud

The Bills and the Dolphins have a long and storied history of intensely competitive matchups over the years. With the additions of notable players to both sides, the rivalry is sure to heat up in the upcoming season. Both teams are looking to put an end to the others’ run of dominance and the rivalry has only continued to escalate as the years have passed.

Are the Dolphins Ready to Take On the Bills in the Rivalry Renewal?

The Dolphins have made some key moves to strengthen their lineup in the past two years, but the question remains whether they are truly prepared to stand up to the Bills in the next match. While the Dolphins have improved their roster and have the potential to compete, the Bills are still the team to beat in the AFC East.

The Excitement of the Rivalry Renewal: Bills vs. Dolphins

The excitement of the renewed rivalry between the Bills and the Dolphins is palpable. Fans from both sides of the rivalry have their eyes firmly set on the match and are eagerly anticipating the showdown. With the stakes high and both teams looking to prove themselves as contenders, the match promises to be an exciting and intense affair.


The renewed rivalry between the Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins is sure to be a thrilling match to watch in 2020. Both teams have put in the effort to make their respective rosters stronger and more competitive and it should be an exciting match when they face off. The intensity of the rivalry is palpable and the excitement and anticipation surrounding the match is sure to reach a fever pitch. The Bills vs. Dolphins rivalry promises to be an intense and exciting clash that fans of both teams should look forward to.



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