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The Rise of Women’s Cricket in the Big Bash League

The Big Bash League has become a platform for the rise of women’s cricket. With plenty of crowd-pulling matches and some of the world’s leading players making their presence felt, the competition has become increasingly competitive. This article will explore the increased importance of women’s cricket in the Big Bash League, highlighting the importance of equal representation in the sport.


Women around the world are now making their mark in the Big Bash League, a professional cricket league based in Australia. Throughout its nine-season structured format, the Big Bash League has seen a surge in both interest and success for the competition’s women’s cricket. From the Championship Cup in 2017/18, to the regular inclusion of women’s teams in the Big Bash League, the growth of the women’s game is evident. Here we look at what has contributed to the rise of women’s cricket in the Big Bash League.

Charting the Upturn: The Growing Popularity of Women’s Cricket in the Big Bash League

Since its launch in 2011, the Big Bash League has grown rapidly in terms of both recognition and inclusion. Women’s cricket has been recognised as a part of the league since 2016, when the championship was officially announced. The inaugural campaign featured the Melbourne Renegades and Melbourne Stars, two all-female teams in the competition. Although they were initially restricted to interstate rivalry, as the competition grew in popularity so did the Women’s Big Bash League teams.

A Triumph of Inclusion: How Women’s Cricket is Gaining Ground in the Big Bash League

Prior to the 2016/17 season, the Big Bash League was seen as a predominantly male competition. The Women’s Big Bash League is now a balancing force, with the inaugural Women’s Big Bash League final receiving huge admiration from spectators. The 2018/19 season was even more successful as it saw the Big Bash League expand, incorporating women’s teams from New South Wales and Victoria, as well as international participation from the United Kingdom and South Africa.

The Growth of Endurance and Skill: Women’s Cricket Takes Centre Stage in the Big Bash League

Not only has the Women’s Big Bash League grown in popularity, but the skillset of the players has improved too. Many of the women are now training just as hard as the men who they play alongside in the league. The ladies have also improved their game by experiencing the same physical demands and lengthy cricket preparation as the men. This has enabled them to intensify their skills, as they have had to adjust their style of play to compete with their male counterparts.

A League of Changes: How the Big Bash League is Empowering Women’s Cricket

The Big Bash League is utilising its larger platform to promote female cricket and the empowerment of all women. This can be seen through the implementation of the Courageous and Strong Award, which is given to a woman of the match who shows courage, character and strength in their performance. This award is a symbol of the Big Bash League’s commitment to encouraging women’s cricket and providing equal opportunity for female players.

Gathering Momentum: How Women’s Cricket is Taking Root in the Big Bash League

It’s not only the Women’s Big Bash League that is rising in popularity. The individual cricket talent of the female players has been seen to draw in more viewers, with their technical abilities and physical strength being recognised at the national and international level. The greater visibility of female athletes has been a remarkable success in terms of attracting an audience to the sport.


The growth of women’s cricket in the Big Bash League has been an extraordinary success. The combination of skill, determination, and increased opportunity has given new opportunities for female cricketers to not only show their dexterity but to also be recognised at an international level. With this growth, the Big Bash League is not only creating a more inclusive playing field, but also inspiring many young women to join the sport.


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