The History and Evolution of Cheerleading in the NFL

Cheerleading has been around since the 19th century, but when did it make its way to the NFL? From its early roots in athletic competitions to its expansion into professional football, learn about the history and evolution of cheerleading in the NFL.


Cheerleading is deeply ingrained in NFL culture, but it wasn’t always an integral part of the game. The history and evolution of cheerleading in the NFL is an interesting one, filled with shifts, trends, and changes. This article will look at how cheerleading became part of professional football and its impact on the league and its teams.

An Overview of the Development of Cheerleading in Professional Football

Cheerleading in professional football began in 1920 with the field presentation of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Around the same time, NFL franchises in New York, Boston, and Washington all had small, all-male squads that would attend games and cheer on the crowd. The first pro football team to feature a female cheerer was the Philadelphia Eagles, who had the first official group of 15 female cheerleaders in 1948.

Exploring the Rise of Cheerleading in the NFL

The popularity of cheerleading among football teams rapidly increased in the 1950s. Following the advent of television, cheerleading became an increasingly important part of the fan experience. Various teams innovated their cheerleading squads, adding stunts and customized routines that made the experience more exciting. By the 1960s, almost every NFL team had an official cheerleading squad — a trend which continues to this day.

How Cheerleading Changed the Culture of Football

Cheerleading had a significant impact on the culture of professional football. Not only did it create more exciting game-day experiences for fans, but it also allowed teams to appeal to different demographics. The addition of female cheerleaders allowed the NFL to become more attractive to female viewers, and this trend continues to this day.

Recognizing the Impact of Cheerleading on NFL Teams

Cheerleading has become an important part of many NFL teams’ strategies. The presence of cheerleaders encourages fans to show their team spirit and makes watching games more exciting. The dance teams of professional cheerleading create a unique identity for each NFL franchise, and teams often use their cheerleaders to promote their brand.

The Tradition of Cheerleading and its Impact on the Modern NFL

Many of the traditions of cheerleading are still alive in the NFL. Cheerleading provides an opportunity for people to share their passion for football and show their support for their team. It also brings cheer and enthusiasm to games, creating a more energetic atmosphere.

The teams of the modern NFL often have more elaborate routines, costumes, and dance moves than in the days before. This can make the game experience even more exciting and inspiring. The influence of cheerleading on the culture of the NFL is undeniable, and it is likely to continue to be an integral part of the game for years to come.


Cheerleading has a long history in the NFL, evolving from small group of fans to an entertainment spectacle in its own right. The tradition of cheerleading has become integral to the culture of professional football and has allowed teams to attract and engage with an ever wider range of fans. The influence of cheerleading on the modern NFL is undeniable, and the role it plays continues to be an important part of the game.





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