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The historic Ramayana will be broadcast once again on Doordarshan

There is a lockdown across the country over coronavirus. People are being appealed to stay in houses. Meanwhile, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar has tweeted and informed that the Ramayana serial will be telecast on Doordarshan from 28th March on the demand of the public. The first episode will be shown on March 28 at 9 am and the second at 9 pm.

  • For the first time on Doordarshan, the Ramayana was broadcast on 25th January 1987 and the last episode was seen on 31st July 1988.
  • The Ramayana of Ramanand Sagar was historic in every way. Every character in the show was immortal. People have received so much love that even today people consider the character of the Ramayana as God and worship them.

the epic describing the life of Rama

  • The Ramayana is a unique epic of Sanskrit written by Valmiki, which is a very important place in Hinduism. Its 24,000 Verses are a part of Hindu memory through which the saga of Raghuvansh’s King Ram is called. It is also called the Valmiki Ramayana or the Balmiki Ramayana. There are seven chapters of the Ramayana, known as kand. Its creator Maharishi Valmiki is also called ‘ Adikavi ‘.
  • Some Indians say that it has been written before 600 BC. The rationale behind that is that the Mahabharata, which came after it, is silent about Buddhism, though it describes other traditions like Jain, Shaiva, Pashupati, etc. Therefore, the Ramayana should be before the time of Gautam Buddha. It should also be preceded by the language style.
  • The first and last episode of the Ramayana was probably added later. From chapter two to seven, most of the emphasis is given that Ram was the embodiment of Lord Vishnu. According to some, greeks and many other references in this epic show that this book cannot be before the second century BC, so we can say that the notion of a period is controversial.

There are seven chapters of the Ramayana which are as follows:

  • i) Balkand
  • ii) Ayodhya
  • iii) Aranyakind
  • iv) Kishkindhand
  • v) Sundarkand
  • vi) Lankakand (Battlekand)
  • vii) Uttarkand


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