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The Business of Being Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is a career woman of many trades. From fashion model to business mogul, Jenner has continued to soar in the public eye and make waves in the industry. In this article, explore the business of being Kendall Jenner and how she has made it a success.

Being Kendall Jenner Entertainment & Pop Culture

Being Kendall Jenner Entertainment & Pop Culture


Kendall Jenner is one of the world’s most influential and successful personalities, not just in the world of fashion and beauty but in the business world as well. With her name and brand value, she is a force to be reckoned with. In this article, we’ll explore Jenner’s success and uncover her business secrets so we can understand how Jenner has become as powerful figure in the business world as she is today.

Getting to Know Kendall Jenner, the Business Mogul

With her starring role on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kardashian-Jenner was thrust into the spotlight and introduced to the world. From the beginning, it was clear that Jenner had a special ability to market products and influence people. She capitalized on her association with her siblings, and friends, to increase her name and brand value. As a result, she quickly gained an immense following, with a global fan base of more than 200 million fans.

Kendall Jenner’s Success in the Business World

Over the years, Jenner has broadened her brand and extended her reach beyond social media platforms. She has become an entrepreneur, a designer, and businesswoman, launching a range of products. From her own line of cosmetics with her brother, Kylie, and a denim line with her sister, Kim, Jenner has successfully created multiple businesses that have only helped to grow her brand.

Uncovering the Business Secrets of Kendall Jenner

So, what are the key ingredients that have gone into making Kylie Jenner an astute businesswoman? Where do her business skills come from? Many argue that Jenner’s business savvy is a product of her upbringing.

No doubt, Jenner’s privileged background has given her access to resources that are not some people can access. She has received the best education and has been surrounded by successful people and a supportive family. That said, the secrets of her success are in her personal qualities. Jenner has a natural flair for business and possesses an instinctive sense of what works in the market and how best to target an audience. She is highly media-savvy and has an eye for detail.

An Insight Into Kendall Jenner’s Business Ventures

Kendall Jenner has seemingly dabbled into every sector. From being a runway model for the world’s most prestigious fashion brands to having her own clothing and cosmetics lines, Jenner has left no stone unturned. She even launched a fashion and beauty app called Kendall Jenner Official in 2016. With a reported net worth of $45 million and endorsements deals with high-profile brands such as Adidas and Calvin Klein, it’s no surprise that Jenner’s business know-how is paying off.

Discovering the Financial Gains of Being Kendall Jenner

Of course, Jenner has reaped the financial rewards of her business ventures – both in terms of her personal wealth and her agency’s success. She charges hundreds of thousands of dollars for appearances at events and high-profile fashion shoots. Jenner is also a part-owner of her own modeling agency, which is currently the fifth-largest in the US.

In addition to the financial rewards of being a business mogul, Jenner also enjoys the rewards of the large social following she has amassed over the years. Her Instagram account alone has more than 152 million followers.


Kendall Jenner is proof that with hard work, determination, and business savvy, success can be achieved. As a business mogul, Jenner has made an impressive fortune and created a brand that is sought after by many. Her numerous successes show that she is more than just a “Kardashian/Jenner.” Rather, Kendall Jenner is a business woman in her own right.


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