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Real Hasta La Muerte (RHLM) is an internationally renowned Latinx music group known for its fusion of Latin and hip-hop genres, and its powerful messages that touch on social and political issues. The group’s nine members have achieved great success in the Latinx music scene, and have left an unforgettable legacy on the industry. In this article, we will explore the history of Real Hasta La Muerte and its members.

## The Original “Real Hasta La Muerte”
Real Hasta La Muerte was formed in the late 1990s in Pilsen, a predominantly Latinx neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois. In 2000, the group released its first studio album, Real Hasta La Muerte, which consisted of nine members — Jevy, Jamkin, Chino, Acab, Justo, Carnal, Chucho, Chican, and Koldo. The group quickly gained momentum in the Latinx music community, due to their catchy melodies and compelling lyrics.

## Early Life and Upbringing
Many of the group members grew up in and around Pilsen, and were exposed to Latinx music from a young age. As they honed their craft, they incorporated the sounds they grew up with — from cumbia and salsa to reggaeton and hip-hop — into their own music. Real Hasta La Muerte’s members lived in a multilingual and multicultural society, which heavily influenced their music, making it both accessible and timeless.

## Achieving Musical Success
Real Hasta La Muerte was quick to find success in the Latinx music scene. Their debut album was an instant hit and was praised for its original sound. In 2001, the group performed at the South by Southwest music festival, making them the first Latinx group in history to do so. This propelled their career forward and opened the doors for other Latinx artists.

## Major Musical Milestones
In the following years, Real Hasta La Muerte released several studio albums and singles, which landed over 50 million streams. Some of their most popular tracks include “Yo Te Necesito”, “Porque Te Vas”, and “Real Hasta La Muerte”. The group was nominated for several awards, including a Latin Grammy and two Billboard Latin Music Awards.

## Change in Musical Style
In 2006, the group experienced a change in their musical style. They began incorporating more electronic elements into their music and their lyrics became more socially conscious. This new sound resonated with their fans, and the group gained even more recognition from the Latinx music community.

## Impact on Latinx Music Genre
Real Hasta La Muerte’s influence on the Latinx music genre cannot be overstated. They are credited with helping to popularize Latin hip-hop and reggaeton, and for helping to propel Latinx music into the international spotlight. Their music has been sampled and covered by countless other artists, from Latinx stars to international pop icons.

## Contributions to Social Causes
Real Hasta La Muerte has used their platform to advocate for social causes. They have held benefit concerts for a variety of causes, including immigration reform and civil rights. The group is a vocal advocate for human rights and has spoken out against injustice and inequality.

## Behind-the-Scenes Roles
In addition to their musical endeavors, the members of Real Hasta La Muerte have taken on various behind-the-scenes roles. They have been involved in songwriting, production, engineering, and label management. The group’s members have also been involved in television and film projects.

## Live Performances and Tours
Real Hasta La Muerte has toured the world, performing at some of the most prestigious venues and festivals. They have headlined their own tours, and have opened for other beloved Latinx music acts.

## Collaborations
Real Hasta La Muerte has collaborated with numerous artists, including Latinx superstars such as Daddy Yankee, Pitbull, Don Omar, and Wisin y Yandel. The group has also collaborated with international stars such as Kanye West, Rihanna, and Pharrell.

## Early Retirement
In 2011, Real Hasta La Muerte announced their retirement. Though they have not released any new music since then, their legacy lives on through their music, which has inspired generations of Latinx musicians.

## Unforgettable Legacy
Real Hasta La Muerte left an indelible mark on Latinx music. Their unique fusion of Latin and hip-hop styles has been replicated by countless other artists, and their socially conscious lyrics have made them beloved by fans around the world. It is clear that Real Hasta La Muerte’s legacy will live on for generations to come.

Real Hasta La Muerte is an iconic Latinx music group with a powerful message. Though their time together was short-lived, their influence on Latinx music and the music industry at large is undeniable. Their music and their message will continue to resonate with fans around the world.



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