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New devlopment in Information technology in Rajasthan

eGovernance Vision

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) is constantly changing the manner in which information flows to citizens. It is a need of the hour that good governance harnesses the energy of ICT and puts in place tools that allow improved delivery of service and bridge the digital divide. This is our vision for Digital Rajasthan. The three pillars of modern governance – transparency, efficiency and ease of access for a better quality of life – are also the prime objectives of the Rajasthan eGovernance road map. However, this can only be ensured if all organs of the government undertake coordinated efforts to IT-enable all processes of governance and service delivery. IT enablement of departments has to ensure linkages between various databases and avoid duplication of efforts. Thus, it is incumbent upon all departments to use standard IT solutions developed in the State. This results in saving of considerable time and resources & leads to ease of operations for all departments. I hope all departments and stakeholders will leverage the IT infrastructure put in place by the State Government as well as the platforms developed as common resources in order to fast track the spread and scaling up of eGovernance initiatives.

Vasundhara Raje Chief Minister, Rajasthan



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