Najwa Karam Biography Wiki

Najwa Karam is an internationally acclaimed singer and songwriter, who is known as the “Queen of Lebanese Pop”. She has made an indelible mark on the music industry and beyond, moving hearts and minds around the world for decades. This biography will explore the life and path of this iconic performer, from her early beginnings, to her groundbreaking international success, philanthropy and activism, and family life.

Early Life & Career Beginnings

Najwa Karam was born in 1974 in Zahle, Lebanon. Even from a young age, she was determined to make her mark in the music industry. She studied classical and oriental music under instrutors in Lebanon, and also travelled to Cairo for further studies. She began performing in a variety of settings, including weddings and private parties. Eventually, she landed a recording contract with EMI Records in 1996, and released her debut album Naghmet Hob.

“The Queen of Lebanese Pop”

Throughout her career, Najwa Karam has gained the moniker “Queen of Lebanese Pop”, and with good cause. She has created timeless hits translated into many languages, and performed in countries around the world. She has also set a precedent in the music industry, being one of the first Lebanese singers to record and release an album. Her success did not come without its challenges, but she persisted and established a legacy of excellence.

National & International Success

Najwa Karam’s rise to fame continued with the release of her second album, Shou Hal Hala, in 1998. This album was an instant success, and her hits climbed the charts. She then released a third album, Toul Elli Sar, in 1999 and toured extensively throughout Lebanon and the Middle East. Her music was embraced by audiences all around the world, and she was a celebrated performer everywhere she went.

Acting & Endorsement Deals

Najwa Karam’s success did not end with music. She ventured into acting, debuting in the film Law Bas Fe Aini in 2000. She then went on to star in the TV series Al Ra’is and Ya Salam. In addition to her acting roles, she has also been featured in numerous endorsement deals, appearing in commercials and print campaigns.

The Philanthropist & Activist

Najwa Karam is an advocate for many causes, both in Lebanon and around the world. She has been involved in numerous charity initiatives, including a 2012 campaign to raise funds for an orphanage in Lebanon. She is also a vocal activist, speaking out against social injustice and inequality.

Barriers & Achievements

Throughout her career, Najwa Karam has faced her fair share of difficulties. She has experienced censorship due to her songs addressing controversial topics, and has had to fight for her rightful place in the music industry as a female artist. Despite all these barriers, she has still achieved immense success, and continues to make a name for herself as a trailblazer.

Enduring Fame & Legacy

Najwa Karam’s star continues to rise, and her music is still beloved and celebrated by fans around the world. She has become an icon in the music industry, and her legacy will no doubt continue to inspire future generations.

Family Life & Personal Struggles

Najwa Karam is married to Lebanese businessman Dr. Fadi El Hachem, and the couple have three children. Despite her immense success, she has experienced her fair share of personal struggles, including a battle with thyroid cancer. She has been open about her journey, and her fans have shown her immense support.

Love for Music & Performing

Throughout her career, Najwa Karam has maintained her passion for music, and her love for performing. She continues to write, record and release music, and still performs regularly in concerts around the world. She is an inspirational artist who has created a unique blend of oriental and western music.

A Look at Najwa Karam’s Discography

Najwa Karam has created an incredible discography, with 15 studio albums. Some of her most popular songs include “Ya Hayat Albi”, “Albi Bakhaf Mino”, and “Law Bas Fe Aini”. She also released a greatest hits album in 2008, titled Best Of Najwa Karam.

The Iconic Look & Inspiration

Najwa Karam is known for her iconic style, which is both glamorous and modern. She is a fashion icon in her own right, and her style has been an inspiration for many. She often wears a combination of traditional outfits and modern styles, and her look continues to evolve.

Najwa Karam: An Inspiring Journey

Najwa Karam’s journey has been one of determination and courage. She has achieved unparalleled success in her career and is an inspiration to many. Her music, performances, and activism have helped to shape the music scene in Lebanon and beyond. She is living proof that with hard work and dedication, you can make your dreams a reality.

Najwa Karam is an undeniable icon in the music industry, and her legacy will continue to live on for many years to come. From her early beginnings to her international success, she has moved hearts and minds through her music and activism. Her story is an inspirational journey of courage and resilience, and she continues to be an inspiration to many.


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