Lesti Kejora Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Family, Net Worth

Lesti Kejora is an Indonesian singer who has achieved tremendous success in her local industry. She is best-known for her stunning performances on X-Factor Indonesia, her touching music videos and her generous contributions to the community. Keep reading to learn more about the stellar star’s biography, accomplishments and inspiring journey.

A Stellar Star is Born

Lesti Kejora was born on the 23rd of October 1997 in Tegal, Central Java. From an early age, she was drawn to music and the performing arts, attending singing and dancing lessons in her hometown. Despite her humble origins and challenging childhood, Kejora was determined to pursue her dreams of becoming a singer.

Shimmering Early Years

Kejora began showing off her singing talents at a young age, winning competitions and performing on various stages around Indonesia. She also garnered attention on social media, gathering a loyal fanbase of supporters who followed her every move. In 2014, Kejora took part in the Indonesian singing competition “Bintang Pantura”, where she placed first and won the hearts of the nation.

Pursuing Musical Ambitions

The win in “Bintang Pantura” was only the beginning of Kejora’s journey. In 2016, she auditioned for the Indonesian edition of X-Factor and made it through to the live shows. After thrilling viewers with her powerful vocals and heartfelt stage performances, she made it to the final and was crowned the winner of the show.

Shining Through on X-Factor

Kejora’s success on X-Factor propelled her to stardom, gaining her millions of fans and admirers who were captivated by her powerful voice and endearing personality. She released her self-titled debut album which reached number one on the Indonesian charts, launching her career as a professional singer.

Capturing Hearts with Moving Lyrics

Kejora’s music videos are full of emotion, with her thoughtful lyrics and soulful voice capturing hearts all over the world. She often uses her music to convey meaningful messages and address societal issues, including body positivity and gender equality. Her songs have also been included in several Indonesian television shows, adding to her fame as an artist.

Music Videos with a Message

In addition to her music, Kejora has also released various music videos that have become viral hits. Her music videos often contain powerful visuals and stirring messages, touching viewers with their sincerity and emotion. Her videos have become a source of inspiration for many, showing that it’s possible to achieve success through hard work and dedication.

Stunning Live Performances

Kejora has performed in many concerts and shows across Indonesia, mesmerizing audiences with her stunning vocal range and passionate stage presence. She has also been a guest performer in various international events.

Blazing a Trail in the Indonesian Scene

Kejora has become a shining star in the Indonesian music industry, paving the way for other Indonesian singers to achieve success in their careers. Her achievements have been widely recognized, with her receiving numerous awards and accolades over the years.

Honors and Achievements

Kejora has won many awards in her career, including the Best Female Solo Artist award at the 2018 Anugerah Musik Indonesia Awards. She was also the Most Streamed Indonesian Artist of 2019, with her songs accumulating over 250 million streams on Spotify.

Dabble in Acting and Business

In addition to her singing career, Kejora has also acted in various television series and films, further expanding her fanbase. She has also dabbled in business, launching a clothing line and a restaurant in Jakarta.

Generosity and Community Engagement

Kejora is also known for her generous nature, having donated money and supplies to those in need. She has been involved in various charitable causes and has spoken out on social issues, inspiring her fans to do their part in making the world a better place.

An Inspiring Icon for All

Kejora is an inspiring figure in the Indonesian music industry, showing that it is possible to achieve success through hard work and dedication. She continues to be a source of inspiration for many, with her warm personality and her passion for making meaningful music.

Lesti Kejora is an Indonesian star whose passion and dedication have helped her achieve tremendous success in her career. From her stunning performances on X-Factor to her touching music videos and her generous contributions to her community, she has become an icon for all those who dare to dream of success.


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