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=== INTRO: Colombian professional footballer, James Rodríguez, is a global superstar and one of the most sought-after footballers in the world. Aged just 30, the talented midfielder has achieved major successes in club and international football. He currently plays for Everton in the Premier League, but his career began back in his home country of Colombia. Read on to discover the incredible biography and career of James Rodríguez.

## A Star is Born: James Rodríguez
James Rodríguez was born on the 12th July, 1991 in Cucuta, Colombia. His parents, Wilson James Rodríguez Bedolla and Maria Del Pilar Rubio, were both passionate football fans and encouraged James’ love for the sport from an early age. He has a younger brother, David, and an older sister, Jessica.

## The Early Years of James Rodríguez
James began playing football at the age of 3, when his father signed him up to the local football school ‘Envigado’. He quickly developed a passion for the game, and at the age of 5, he had already decided that he wanted to be a professional footballer.

## Making it Big in Football
At the age of 14, James Rodríguez began making a name for himself in the Colombian football scene. He was signed by the Colombian club, ‘Envigado’, and his instant success was evident to the club’s management. In 2009, James moved to Argentina to join the renowned club ‘Banfield’, where he scored his first professional goal.

## European Career Highs and Lows
In 2010, James moved to Europe, signing for the Portuguese club ‘FC Porto’. Here, James enjoyed a successful career, scoring 25 goals in all competitions. In 2014, he signed for Spanish giants, ‘Real Madrid’, and he achieved great success at this club, winning multiple trophies and awards. In 2020, he moved to Premier League club ‘Everton’, where he currently plays.

## Achievements and Honors
In his career so far, James has achieved a great deal of success. He has won the ‘Portuguese Primeira Liga’, the ‘Spanish La Liga’, the ‘UEFA Super Cup’, and the ‘FIFA Club World Cup’, amongst other awards. He has also achieved individual honors, such as the ‘PFA Team of the Year’, the ‘Golden Boot’ award, and the ‘LFP Best Midfielder’ award.

## International Superstar
James Rodríguez is also a superstar on the international stage. He has represented the Colombian national team at the 2014 and 2018 World Cups, and he was named ‘Man of the Match’ in their opening game in 2014. He has also been part of the team for several Copa America tournaments, and in 2016, he helped Colombia finish third.

## Private Life of a Celebrity
Despite his celebrity status, James Rodríguez has managed to keep his private life out of the public spotlight. He is married to Colombian model, Shannon de Lima, and the couple have two children. In his spare time, he loves spending time with his family and friends, and he enjoys playing video games.

## Business Ventures and Endorsements
James Rodríguez is also an entrepreneur and investor. He has his own clothing line, ‘JRod’, and he has invested in several technology startups. He has also negotiated several lucrative endorsement deals with major brands, such as Adidas, which has helped him amass a fortune.

## A Humanitarian at Heart
James Rodríguez is not just a great footballer, he is also a humanitarian. He has set up the ‘James Rodríguez Foundation’, which provides funding for education, health care, and sports facilities in Colombia. The foundation has also helped to rebuild several schools in the country.

## A Bright Future Ahead
At the age of 30, James Rodríguez still has plenty of years left to continue his successful career in football. Already, he has achieved a great deal of success, and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With his excellent footballing skills, and his business acumen, his future looks bright.

## Keeping Up with James Rodríguez
James Rodríguez is active on social media, and he often posts updates on his accounts. He has over 15 million followers on Instagram, and he is also very active on Twitter, where he shares his thoughts and opinions on various topics.

## How to Follow James Rodríguez’s Career
Fans of James Rodríguez can follow his career on a range of platforms. He can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, where he regularly posts updates. Fans can also follow his career on the official website of his current club, ‘Everton’, which features regular updates on his progress.

=== OUTRO: From his humble beginnings in Colombia to his current status as an international superstar, James Rodríguez has had an incredible career. Forced to leave his home country for a chance at stardom, James has achieved a great deal of success, both on and off the pitch. With his talent and determination, he looks set to continue achieving great things in the years to come.


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