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India’s largest 1000-bed corona hospital to be built in Odisha

Along with the central government, the state governments are also preparing to fight strongly with the Coronavirus. In this sequence, the Odisha government has now decided to build a 1000-bed hospital. This hospital will remain fully dedicated to patients with coronavirus (Covid-19).

  • A tripartite agreement has been signed between the Odisha government, corporates and medical colleges to build this hospital. After this agreement, the Odisha government has started preparing for the construction of this hospital.
  • Odisha has become the first state in the country to set up such a large hospital for corona patients separately. The government says that this 1000-bed hospital will be ready in just 15 days and will be available for patients.
  • A similar example was seen in Wuhan, China, after the outbreak of the coronavirus, the government there prepared the hospital in 10 days and a team of 1400 doctors was prepared there.
  • However, only two patients of coronavirus have been reported in Odisha. While talking about India, Maharashtra is most affected by this virus where so far 124 cases have been reported. Four new cases have been reported in Lucknow, two in Maharashtra, five in MP, five in Chhattisgarh, two each in Rajasthan and Bihar. Meanwhile, the government has announced an economic package of one lakh 70 thousand crore rupees.


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