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101. Dead organs are generally stored in formalin.
Formalin is beacuse it acts as a disinfectant which is due to the presence of formaldehyde

(a)aqueous ferrous sulphate
(b) aqueous formaldehyde
(c) aqueous formic acid
(d) aqueous feme alum
Ans: (b)

CDS (I) 2016

102. Due to contraction of eyeball, a long-sighted eye can see only

(a)farther objects which is corrected by using convex lens
(b) farther objects which is corrected by using concave lens
(c) nearer objects which is corrected by using convex lens
(d) nearer objects which is corrected by using concave lens
Ans: (a)

CDS (II) 2008

103. Match the following Lis t I Lis t II
(Sugar) (Source)
A. Cellulos e 1 Honey
B. Pituitary 2 Sugarcane
C. Maltose 3 Cotton wool
D. Sucrose 4 Starch Codes A B C D

(a)3 1 4 2
(b) 3 4 1 2
(c) 2 1 4 3
(d) 2 4 1 3
Ans: (a)
CDS Exam (II) 2010

104. Which among the following is the correct increasing order of pH found in human body?

(a)Gastric juice, saliva, blood
(b) Blood, saliva, gastric juice
(c) Saliva, blood, gastric juice
(d) Gastric juice, blood, saliva
Ans: (a)

CDS (II) 2015

105. Which one among the following animal tissues transport hormones and heat and maintains water balance?

(a)Connective tissue
(b) Muscular tissue
(c) Blood
(d) Nervous tissue
Ans: (c)

CDS (I) 2011

106. In dry regions, the leaf size of a tree becomes smaller. It is so to

(a)reduce metabolism
(b) reduce transpiration
(c) maintain natural growth
(d) protect plant from animals
Ans: (b)

CDS (II) 2013

107. Which one among the following industries produces the most non-biodegradable wastes?

(a)Thermal power plants
(b) Food processing units
(c) Textile mills
(d) Paper mills
Ans: (a)
CDS Exam (II) 2017

108. Which of the following diseases are transmitted from one person to another?
1. AIDS 2. Cirrhosis
3. Hepatitis B 4. Syphilis Select the correct answer using the code given below

(a)2, 3 and 4
(b) 1, 3 and 4
(c) 1 and 2
(d) All of these
Ans: (b)

CDS (II) 2015

109. Photochemical smog occurs in

(a)cool and humid climate
(b) warm, dry and sunny climate
(c) cool, dry and sunny climater
(d) warm and humid climate
Ans: (b)

CDS (I) 2019

110. Insects that can transmit diseases to human are referred to as

(b) reservoirs
(c) vectors
(d) incubators
Ans: (c)
CDS Exam (I) 2012

111. Which one among the following is not correct about Down’s syndrome?

(a)It is a genetic disorder
(b) Effected individual has early ageing
(c) Effected person has mental retardation
(d) Effected person has furrowed tongue with open mouth
Ans: (b)
CDS Exam (II) 2007

112. Which one among the following elements/ions is essential in small quantities for the development of healthy teeth but causes mottling of the teeth if consumed in higher quantities?

(b) Chloride
(c) Fluoride
(d) Potassium
Ans: (c)

CDS (II) 2009

113. Rain water collected after 30 to 40 minutes of raining is not suitable for drinking because it

(a)contains bacteria and dirt
(b) contains dissolved toxic chemicals
(c) is deficient in minerals
(d) is acidic
Ans: (d)

CDS (I) 2018

114. White blood cells act

(a)as a defence against infection
(b) as source of energy
(c) as a clotting agent
(d) as a medium for oxygen transport from lungs to tissues
Ans: (a)
CDS Exam (I) 2016

115. Bats can fly in dark because they

(a)have strong wings
(b) have sharp eyes
(c) produce ultrasonic waves
(d) are nocturnal
Ans: (c)

CDS (I) 2008

116. Polar bears are carnivores and prey on many arctic birds and fishes. However, under natural conditions, no one found polar bears predating any penguin. This is because

(a)penguins have chemical substance in their muscles which is toxic to polar bears
(b) penguins are gregarious and always move in groups.
Therefore, a polar bear cannot approach them
(c) polar bears and penguins never coexist under natural conditions. The former lives in the North Pole while the latter lives in the South Pole
(d) polar bears and penguins display symbiotic relationships and they help each other for their existence in the ice-cold ecosystem
Ans: (c)

CDS (II) 2010

117. Why do you feel cool under a tree but not so under a tin shed on a sunny day?

(a)The greenness of the tree gives the cool feeling
(b) Photosynthesis absorbs heat
(c) The leaves convert water vapours into water which is a heat-absorbing process
(d) The leaves give out water which vapourises absorbing some heat as latent heat
Ans: (d)

CDS (I) 2015

118. When we eat something we like, our mouth waters. This is actually not water but fluid secreted from

(a)nasal glands
(b) oval epithelium
(c) salivary glands
(d) tongue
Ans: (c)
CDS Exam (I) 2011

119. Which one among the following group of items contain only biodegradable items?

(a)Wood, Grass, Plastic
(b) Wood, Grass, Leather
(c) Fruit peels, Lime juice, China clay cup
(d) Lime juice, Grass, Polystyrene cup
Ans: (b)

CDS (I) 2013

120. Dog bite can cause rabies. Which among the following other animals can also cause rabies?

(b) Bat
(c) Horse
(d) Crocodile
Ans: (b)

CDS (II) 2017

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