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61. Statement I: Pulling a lawn roller is easier than pushing it.
Statement II: Pushing increases the apparent weight and hence the force of friction.

(a)Both the statements are true and statement II is the correct explanation of statement I
(b) Both the statements are true, but statement II is not the correct explanation of statement I
(c) Statement I is true, but statement II is false
(d) Statement I is false, but statement II is true
Ans: (a)
CDS Exam (I) 2011

62. A rectifier is an electronic device used to convert

(a)AC voltage into DC voltage
(b) DC voltage into AC voltage
(c) sinusoidal pulse into square pulse
(d) None of the above
Ans: (a)

CDS (I) 2013

63. In step-down transformer, the AC output gives the

(a)current more than the input current
(b) current less than the input current
(c) current equal to the input current
(d) voltage more than the input voltage
Ans: (a)

CDS (II) 2017

64. When ice melts, its

(a)volume decreases
(b) volume increases
(c) volume and mass both decrease
(d) volume decreases while mass increases
Ans: (a)
CDS Exam (II) 2015

65. If two conducting spheres are separately charged and then brought in contact

(a)the total energy of the two spheres is conserved
(b) the total charge on the two spheres is conserved
(c) both the total energy and the total charge are conserved
(d) the final potential is always the mean of the original potential of the two spheres
Ans: (b)
CDS Exam (I) 2019

66. Which type/types of pen uses/use capillary action in addition to gravity for flow of ink?

(a)Fountain pen
(b) Ballpoint pen
(c) Gel pen
(d) Both ballpoint and gel pens
Ans: (a)

CDS (I) 2012

67. A device, which is used in our TV set, computer,radio set for storing the electric charge, is

(b) inductor
(c) capacitor
(d) conductor
Ans: (c)

CDS (II) 2007

68. A bus travels at a speed of 50 km/h to go from its origin of its destination at a distance of 300 km and travels at a speed of 60 km/h to return to the origin. What is the average speed of the bus?

(a)54.55 km/h
(b) 55 km/h
(c) 55.55 km/h
(d) 54 km/h
Ans: (a)
CDS Exam (II) 2009

69. When deep sea fishes are brought to the surface of the sea, their bodies burst. This is because the blood in their bodies flows at very

(a)high speed
(b) high pressure
(c) low speed
(d) low pressure
Ans: (b)

CDS (II) 2018

70. Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) is used to measure

(a)spread of solid tumour
(b) bone density
(c) ulcerous growth in stomach
(d) extent of brain haemorrhage
Ans: (b)

CDS (II) 2008

71. Light Emitting Diode (LED) converts

(a)light energy into electrical energy
(b) electrical energy into light energy
(c) thermal energy into light energy
(d) mechanical energy into electrical energy
Ans: (b)
CDS Exam (II) 2010

72. The celsius temperature is a/an

(a)relative temperature
(b) absolute temperature
(c) specific temperature
(d) approximate temperature
Ans: (b)

CDS (II) 2015

73. The gas used in a refrigerator is

(a)cooled down on flowing
(b) heated up on flowing
(c) cooled down when compressed
(d) cooled down when expanded
Ans: (c)

CDS (I) 2011

74. Magnetic, electrostatic and gravitational forces come under the category of

(a)non-contact forces
(b) contact forces
(c) frictional forces
(d) non-frictional forces
Ans: (a)

CDS (II) 2013

75. Dispersion process forms spectrum due to white light falling on a prism. The light wave with shortest wavelength

(a)refracts the most
(b) does not change the path
(c) refracts the least
(d) is reflected by the side of the prism
Ans: (a)
CDS Exam (II) 2017

76. Which one among the following colours has the highest wavelength?

(b) Green
(c) Yellow
(d) Red
Ans: (d)

CDS (II) 2015

77. Which one among the following is not a correct statement?

(a)Cathode rays are negatively charged particles
(b) Cathode rays are produced from all the gases
(c) Electrons are basic constituents of all the atoms
(d) Hydrogen ions do not contain any proton
Ans: (d)

CDS (I) 2019

78. By what mechanism does scent spread all over the room if the lid is opened?

(a)Pressure in the bottle
(b) Compression from the bottle
(c) Diffusion
(d) Osmosis
Ans: (c)
CDS Exam (I) 2012

79. When an incandescent electric bulb glows

(a)the electric energy is completely converted into light
(b) the electric energy is partly converted into light energy and partly into heat energy
(c) the light energy is converted into electric energy
(d) the electric energy is converted into magnetic energy
Ans: (b)
CDS Exam (II) 2007

80. You are asked to jog in a circular track of radius 35 m. Right one complete round on the circular track, your displacement and distance covered by you respectively

(a)zero and 220 m
(b) 220 m and zero
(c) zero and 110 m
(d) 110 m and 220 m
Ans: (a)

CDS (II) 2009

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