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121. After hot sunny day, people sprinkle water on the roof-top because:

(a)water helps air around the roof – top to absorb the heat instantly
(b) water has lower specific heat capacity
(c) water is easily available
(d) water has large latent heat of vaporisation
Ans: (d)
CDS Exam (II) 2007

122. The rank of Major General in India Army is equivalent to:

(a)Air Marshal in Indian Air Force
(b) Rear Admiral in India Navy
(c) Air commodore in India Air Force
(d) Commodore in Indian Navy
Ans: (b)

CDS (II) 2009

123. Which one the following services of India Post has permanently been discontinued?

(a)Money Order
(b) Telegram
(c) Postal Life Insurance
(d) Inland Letter
Ans: (b)

CDS (I) 2018

124. ‘Citizenfour’ The 87th Academy Award winner in the category of documentary feature, is based on the life of

(a)Abraham Lincoln
(b) Albert Einstein
(c) Edward Snowden
(d) Laura Poitras
Ans: (c)
CDS Exam (I) 2016

125. Which one of the following statements concerning research centres in India is not correct?

(a)Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology is located at Kolkata.
(b) Central Arid Zone Research Institute is located at Jodhpur.
(c) Centre for Social Forestry and Eco-Rehabilitation is located at Allahabad.
(d) Institute of Forest Productivity is located at Ranchi.
Ans: (a)
CDS Exam (II) 2008

126. Which one of the following is correct?

(a)Guindy National Park is known for tiger reserve.
(b) Namdapha National Park is meant for lion conservation.
(c) Jaldapara is a biosphere reserve.
(d) Rann of Kutch is a Wild Ass Sanctuary.
Ans: (d)

CDS (II) 2010

127. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the code given below the Lists: List-I List-II
(Railway Zone) (Headquarters)
A. North Eastern Railway l. Kolkata
B. East Central Railway 2. Bilaspur
C. South East Central Railway 3. Hajipur
D. South Eastern Railway 4. Gorakhpur Code:

(a)A B C D 4 2 3 1
(b) A B C D 1 3 2 4
(c) A B C D 1 2 3 4
(d) A B C D 4 3 2 1
Ans: (d)

CDS (I) 2015

128. Which one of the following is the largest source of electricity in India?

(a)Hydropower plants
(b) Nuclear power plants
(c) Thermal power plants
(d) Wind energy
Ans: (c)
CDS Exam (I) 2011

129. The first summit of the Forum for India-Pacific Islands Cooperation (FIPIC) was held in:

(b) Suva
(c) New Delhi
(d) Port Moresby
Ans: (b)

CDS (I) 2013

130. Which one of the following statements about reusable space vehicle of ISRO is not correct?

(a)In June 2016, ISRO successfully launched India’s first reusable space vehicle.
(b) The space vehicle was launched from Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh.
(c) The reusable launch vehicle climbed to a height of 65 km before automatically steering back for landing.
(d) The vehicle was initially boosted by a rocket that contained liquid fuel.
Ans: (d)

CDS (II) 2017

131. Which of the following voted for Brexit in June 2016?

(a)England and Scotland
(b) England and Wales
(c) Scotland and Northern Ireland
(d) Wales and Northern Ireland
Ans: (b)

CDS (I) 2015

132. Which one of the following statements is not correct?

(a)Centre for Science and Environment in a recent study found that a number of commonly available brands of prepackaged breads tested positive for potassium bromate and potassium iodate.
(b) Food Safety and Standards Authority of India recommended to the Health Ministry to remove potassium bromate from the list of permissible food additives.
(c) The Union Government banned the use of potassium bromate as a food additive on the basis of the above recommendation.
(d) Potassium bromate is a neurotoxin.
Ans: (d)
CDS Exam (I) 2019

133. Which of the following Gods are also known as Lokapalas or the Guardians of the Universe?

(a)Yama, Indra, Varuna and Kubera
(b) Indra, Varuna, Skanda and Kubera
(c) Indra, Varuna, Yama and Brahma
(d) Yama, Shiva, Kubera and Indra
Ans: (a)

CDS (I) 2012

134. Which one of the following does not signify a battle tank?

(b) T-155
(c) T-72
(d) T-90
Ans: (b)

CDS (II) 2007

135. Who among the following won the Men’s Singles Title in the Australian Open Tennis Tournament, 2016?

(a)Jamie Murray
(b) Bruno Soares
(c) Novak Djokovic
(d) Andy Murray
Ans: (c)

CDS (I) 2009

136. Recently the Government of India cleared the proposal for the production of 18 indigenous ‘Dhanush’ artillery guns to be produced in India by

(a)Indian Army
(b) US Army
(c) Indian Ordnance Factory Board
(d) Indian and US Army jointly
Ans: (c)
CDS Exam (I) 2018

137. Consider the following statement: “If you feel you are trapped in a black hole, don’t give up.
There is a way act” Who among the following made the above statement?

(a)Albert Einstein
(b) Stephen Hawking
(c) C. V. Raman
(d) Abdus Salam
Ans: (b)

CDS (I) 2016

138. Neil O’Brien, who died recently, was a famous.

(b) billiards player
(c) dramatist
(d) quiz master
Ans: (d)

CDS (II) 2008

139. Which one of the following statements is not correct?

(a)BrahMos is a supersonic cruise missile made by India and Russian Federation.
(b) The name BrahMos came from two rivers, Brahmaputra of India and Moskva of Russia.
(c) Indian military scientists were capable of integrating BrahMos cruise missile with Sukhoi-30 MKI fighter.
(d) Defence Research and Development Organization is the manufacturer of Sukhoi-30 MKI fighter.
Ans: (d)
CDS Exam (II) 2010

140. Which one of the following is not correct in respect of Andaman and Nicobar Command?
(d) It is the first integrated theatre command in India.
(b) Its headquarters is at Port Blair.
(c) It is commanded by a three-star oficer.
(d) It was set up by the British during the Second World War.
Ans: (d)
CDS Exam (I) 2015

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