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Extraordinary summit of leaders of G-20 countries in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s Sultan Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud will preside over the G-20 emergency summit. This conference is being organized on 26 March through video conferencing. Other top leaders of the world including Prime Minister Narendra Modi will join it.

  • Since Saudi Arabia is currently the chairman of the G20, Shah Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia will preside over the meeting. Saudi Arabia took the initiative to organize the G20 summit through video conferencing.
  • In this meeting, coordinated measures will be considered to deal with the coronavirus epidemic and its human and economic impact.
  • Leaders of Spain, Jordan, Singapore and Switzerland have also been invited to this meeting. Representatives of several international organizations have also been called to the meeting. These include the United Nations, World Bank Group, World Health Organization, World Trade Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization, Financial Stability Board, International Labor Organization, International Monetary Fund and Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.
  • Vietnam, President of ASEAN, Association of Southeast Asian Nations, South Africa, President of African Union, United Arab Emirates, President of Gulf Cooperation Council and Rwanda, President of New African Development Partnership have also been invited to the meeting.
  • G20 is headed by Saudi Arabia from Japan. The G20 represents 85% of the GDP of the global economy and represents 80% of global trade. It is, therefore, the largest platform to consider global economic issues.

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Facts related to G-20

  • Formed in September 1999
  • Member Countries – Argentina, India, Australia, USA, Japan, Brazil, France, South Africa, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Italy, UK, China, Indonesia, South Korea, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and European Union
  • Work –
  1. (a) Discussion on international economic cooperation and the world economy than
  2. (b) Conference of top leaders every year
  3. (c) Meeting of Governor and Finance Ministers of Central Bank

(d) Sherpa system for continuous dialogue on global issues. Sherpa of India was “Suresh Prabhu” at Osaka Conference. Sherpa was the first Shaktikanta Das.

the seminar
FirstNovember 2008Washington, USA
13thNovember-December 2018Buenos Aires, Argentina
14thJune 28-29, 2019Osaka, japan
15th2020Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


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