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Eminent artist Satish Gujral passes away at the age of 94

Renowned Indian painter, sculptor, writer and architect Satish Gujral, who was honoured with Padma Vibhushan and versatile, has passed away at the age of 94 years. He was the younger brother of former Prime Minister of India Indra Kumar Gujral.

  • His major works include alphabet graffiti on the wall outside the Delhi High Court. He also designed the Belgian embassy in Delhi.
  • Gujral’s artefacts reflect the ups and downs of his early life, including the disease that disrupts his listening capacity in childhood and the division of the country.
  • The shapes in Satish Gujral’s paintings are prime. They have given animals and birds an easy place in their art. He has been in his paintings the contexts of history, folklore, mythology, ancient Indian culture and diverse religions.
  • Satish Gujral has won many awards. Including Mexico’s ‘ Leo Nardo the Vinci ‘ and the King of Belgium’s ‘ Order of Crown ‘ award. The Government of India awarded him the Padma Vibhushan in 1999 for his outstanding contribution in the field of art.
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