Current Affairs: March 20, 2020

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Q. Scientists of which institute have developed a new hand sanitizer as per WHO standards?

Ans. Himalaya Institute of Biological Property Technology, Palampur

Q. Agstad Grass Revenue (AGR) is in the headlines again, which company is obliged to give AGR?

Ans. Companies related to petroleum refinery sector

Q. It has been said that Bhoti language should be included in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution, it is spoken-

Ans. In Ladakh

Q. Justice J.N. Patel Commission has been in the limelight, this Commission is related to-

Ans. Bhima-Koregaon violence investigation

Q. The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has been invited for the World City Summit 2020, this conference is proposed to be held-

Ans. in Singapore

Q. ARCI scientists have developed Nano Composite Coatings, this coating is helpful-

Ans. To reduce friction

Q. The duration of AFSPA in Assam has been extended again to 6 months, this act was passed-

Ans. In 1958

Q. Which state government has banned strikes of doctors and medical workers through ESMA?

Ans. Uttarakhand

Q. Who has been nominated to Rajya Sabha in place of KTS Tulsi?

Ans. Justice Ranjan Gogoi

Q. Wimbledon organizers have said to organize it on time, Wimbledon is related to-

Ans. From lawn tennis

Q. Which city of Rajasthan is called the ‘Marble City of India’, which is recently connected to Indore under the RCS-UDAN scheme?

Ans. Kishangarh

Q. Which European country recently fined a record 1.1 billion euro on tech-firm Apple due to its anti-competitive behavior?

Ans. France

Q. Which country is ready to create a $ 4 billion anti-crisis fund to protect its economy from the COVID-19 outbreak?

Ans. Russia

Q. Which former Chief Justice of India has been nominated to Rajya Sabha?

Ans. Ranjan Gogoi

Q. What is the share of Indian companies in the contracts of the Ministry of Defense for the purchase of defense equipment in 2019-20?

Years. 75.03%

Q. Ravinder Singh Dhillon has been appointed as the Chairman and Managing Director of which PSU?

Ans. Power finance corporation

Q. Which country’s central bank reduced its benchmark interest rate to almost zero and announced the purchase of $ 700 billion in bonds?

Ans. The United States 

Q. Patil Puttappa, who died recently, was associated with which field?

Ans. Journalism

Q. Which Indian organization has started a re-skill program for women called ‘Career Back 2 Women’?

Ans. Indian Institute of Technology-Madras

Q. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, whose birth centenary was celebrated recently, was the founding President of which country?

Ans. Bangladesh

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