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Current Affairs: 09 May 2020

Current Affairs: 09 May 2020 We are here to provide you with important recent and latest current affairs here on 09 May 2020, the latest current affairs from all newspapers like Hindu, Economic Times, PIB, Times of India, PTI, Indian Express, Business are providing the latest current affairs 2020 events here. All the data here is taken from the newspapers.

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Current Affairs: 09 May 2020

1. Dr. Harsh Vardhan launches ‘Ayush Sanjeevani’ app

The Union Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has launched two AYUSH based studies about ‘Ayush Sanjeevani App’ and Kovid-19. The ‘Ayush Sanjeevani App’ has been developed by Ayush Ministry and MEITY. Currently, a target has been set to reach 50 lakh people.

  • The ‘Aayush Sanjeevani’ mobile app will help in gathering information related to the acceptance and use of AYUSH related recommendations and steps among the people as well as their impact in the eradication of Kovid-19.

Two studies based on AYUSH

  • Apart from the app, Dr. Harsh Vardhan has also launched two scientific studies. One of these is a collaborative clinical research study on the use of Ayurveda as an anti-disease and in standard treatment (add on) of Kovid-19, through the Technological and Industrial Research (CSIR) Ministry of AYUSH, Health in collaboration with ICMR. And a joint initiative of the Ministry of Family Welfare and Ministry of Science and Technology.
  • The Interdisciplinary Aayush R&D Task Force headed by Dr. Bhushan Patwardhan, Vice Chairman of the University Grants Commission (UGC), has studied various drugs in the country for the study of four different medicines like Ashwagandha, Yashtimadhu, Guduchi + Peepli and a Poly Herbal Formulation (AYUSH-64). Prevention study in Kovid-19 positive cases through review and consultation process of eminent experts of organizations And diagnostic protocols have been designed for add-on treatment.
  • The second is a population-based traditional study on the effect of AYUSH’s anti-cancer intervention for the eradication of Kovid-19 infection in a high-risk population.
  • Its main objectives include assessing the preventive potential of AYUSH interventions for COVID-19 and improving the quality of life in heavily at-risk populations.
  • The study will be conducted on 5 lakh people through four research councils under the Ministry of AYUSH and institutions located in 25 states of the country and several state governments. The findings of this research will pave the way through scientific evidence to assess the eradication potential of AYUSH measures during epidemics like Kovid-19.

2. Prohibition on illegal extraction of groundwater for commercial use: National Green Tribunal

The National Green Tribunal has directed the Delhi Jal Board to prohibit the illegal extraction of groundwater for commercial use. Also, the Tribunal has directed to assess the damage done to the environment by it.

  • A bench of the tribunal’s chairman Justice Adarsh ​​Kumar Goel and Justice Shivkumar Singh, while hearing a case through video conferencing, has also asked to seal unauthorized borewells and collect fines from those who violate the rules.
  • The tribunal has given its order after studying the report of Deputy Commissioner of Southern District and Delhi Jal Board on the petition of Nand Kumar, a resident of Delhi. The Green Tribunal has sought a compliance report by 31 July and set a date of 17 August for hearing the matter.
  • Earlier, the National Green Tribunal had directed the Delhi Pollution Control Committee to work in coordination with the authorities concerned to conserve groundwater and stop illegal borewells.

What was said in the petition?

  • The petition alleged that Delhi is illegally draining underground water for commercial use on a large scale. According to the Delhi Jal Board report, out of 141 illegal borewells, only four have been sealed.

National Green Tribunal

  • The National Green Tribunal (NGT) was established on 18 October 2010 under the National Green Tribunal Act, 2010. The main objective of its establishment is to speedily deal with environmental issues, thereby reducing the burden of lawsuits in the country’s courts.
  • The National Green Tribunal (NGT) is headquartered in Delhi, while the other four regional offices are located in Bhopal, Pune, Kolkata, and Chennai. As per the National Green Tribunal Act, it is mandatory that the environmental issues coming to the NGT be settled within 6 months.
  • This judicial body consists of the chairman, judicial members, and expert members, who have a term of 5 years. The Chairman is appointed by the Central Government in consultation with the Chief Justice of India. A selection committee is formed by the central government to appoint judicial and expert members.

3. IIT Delhi scientists made encephase mask, can be used 50 times

There have been many reports of mask shortages in the markets for some time due to the ever-spreading infection of Kovid-19. Because a commonly used face, mask cannot be used more than once. Because of this problem, students of IIT Delhi have made such a mask that can be used again and again.

  • Startup NanoSafe Solutions of IIT Delhi has launched this mask called ‘En Safe’. It was associated with NanoSafe Solutions, an alumnus of IIT Delhi, Dr. Anasuya Roy, and Prof. Mangla Joshi have prepared together.
  • It can be used again by washing it with detergent and drying in the sun. Its production has also started. This antivirus mask can be used up to 50 times.

What is special in the mask?

  • A Safe Mask is a highly engineered mask that has three layers. The innermost layer of the mask is hydrophilic, designed to take care of the wearer’s comfort in breathing.
  • The middle layer is specially designed for antimicrobial activities. The outermost layer is designed for water and oil distraction.
  • This mask has a 99.2 percent bacterial filtration efficiency. It is a respiratory and splash resistant mask based on the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).
  • After wearing this mask, it does not face any difficulty in breathing. Dr. Joshi said that this is India’s first microbial mask made in cotton which can be used again.

4. Celebrated birth anniversary of former President Giani Zail Singh

President Ram Nath Kovind has paid tribute on the 104th birth anniversary of former President Giani Zail Singh on 05 May. On this occasion, he laid flowers on the portrait of Giani Zail Singh at Rashtrapati Bhavan. On May 05, 1916, the seventh President of India was born.

Giani Zail Singh

  • Giani Zail Singh was a scholar of Sikhism and the 7th President of India. He was elected to this glorious post of India in 1982. During his tenure till 1987, he had to go through unfortunate circumstances like ‘Bluestar Operation’ and the assassination of Indira Gandhi.
  • In 1986, the Parliament passed the “Indian Post Office (Amendment) Bill”, on which the then President Giani Zail Singh used the pocket veto.
  • By the end of his term, the next President Venkataraman had returned him to Parliament for reconsideration. By then, the government that had introduced the bill came in 1989 and elected a new government which was a coalition government, and he The bill was not considered. Thus, the real consequence of the delay in Zail Singh’s decision to approve the bill was that the bill could not become law.

5. A new initiative to make masks available from ATM-like machines in Tamil Nadu

  • A new initiative has been taken in Tuttukudi Municipal Corporation of Tamil Nadu to provide health care masks with ATM-like machines. Under this, five automated machines selling such masks have been installed at five busy places in the city.
  • These automated machines for the sale of masks have been sourced from Coimbatore where they have been developed and manufactured under the Make in India initiative of the Government of India.
  • These machines have been installed in busy places like Municipal Office, Amma Canteen where a large number of people visit. A mask will cost five rupees and 120 masks can be placed in the machine at one time.
  • Arrangements have also been made to periodically clean the number of pads and other parts touched by these automatic machines that sell masks.

Why is the mask important?

  • The government’s SARS-COV-2 coronavirus manual states that the Kovid-19 virus spreads easily when one person comes into contact with another person. The droplets carrying the virus spread it rapidly and, while surviving in the air, it is eventually exposed to various surfaces. The virus that spreads Kovid-19, SARS-Cove-2, survives for up to three hours on a solid or liquid surface (aerosol) and three days on plastic and stainless steel.
  • This manual states that the use of masks reduces the possibility of a virus entering the respiratory tract of another person from the infected fluid. Wearing a safe mask reduces the chances of the virus entering the body through the breath, which can be important to prevent its spread. However, the mask needs to be sanitized using a combination of heat, UV light, water, soap, and alcohol.
  • This manual, citing the World Health Organization, states that “masks are effective only on those who clean hands with alcoholic handwash or soap and water.” If you wear a mask, you should be fully aware of its use and its proper disposal.
  • This manual also states that if 50 percent of the population wears masks, then only 50 percent of the population may be at risk of getting infected with the coronavirus. However, if 80 percent of the population wears masks, this epidemic can be stopped with immediate effect.

6. Jio platforms to buy 2.32% stake in Vista Equity Partners

Vista Equity Partners will buy a 2.32 percent stake in Reliance Group’s Jio Platforms for Rs 11,367 crore. Facebook and Silver Lake had earlier announced to buy 9.99 and 1.15 percent stake in the group’s digital entity, respectively.

  • Social media company Facebook has invested 9.43 percent in Jio by investing Rs 43,574 crore and Silver Lake, the world’s largest technology investor, has bought a 1.15 percent stake by investing Rs 5,665.75 crore.
  • Vista will be the largest shareholder of Jio Platforms after Reliance Industries and Facebook. It is known that in less than three weeks, Jio Platforms has raised Rs 60,596.37 crore from global investors.
  • “For this, the share-based value (equity value) of Jio platforms is Rs. 4.91 lakh crore while the enterprise value is estimated at Rs. 5.16 lakh crore,” the company said in a statement. And shows future capabilities while enterprise value is the same as the company’s actual balance sheet.


  • Jio Platforms, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Reliance Industries, is a next-generation digital technology company. This includes the company’s Jio App, digital ecology and telecommunications, and high-speed Internet service. The company’s telecom service has about 388 million subscribers across the country.
  • Vista already has a presence in India. His invested companies employ about 13,000 people.

7. Five civilians killed in shelling in Tripoli

More than five civilians have been killed and many others injured in the capital Tripoli capital of the Libyan Eastern Army shelling. An official of the country’s United Nations-backed government has given this information.

  • This is the latest attack on Tripoli by Eastern Army Commander Khalifa Haftar, who launched an operation to capture the city last year. Hundreds of civilians have been killed and thousands have been displaced in the fighting in recent months.
  • The conflict is going on between the Eastern Army leader Khalifa Haftar and the head of the United Nations-accredited government, Fayez Al Saraj. On 12 January, there was a ceasefire between the two groups due to their efforts. A summit was recently held in Berlin, Germany to establish this ceasefire.


  • Libya has had an atmosphere of anarchy ever since, in 2011 in a civil war, longtime dictator Mohammad Gaddafi was overthrown and later assassinated.
  • The country has since been divided between rival administrations of East and West since 2015. Each administration is backed by some of the other foreign power.
  • Although the government of the SARAJ has the support of the United Nations, the support of the powerful factions of the country has come to Haftar and this has led to the danger of turning domestic disputes in Libya into a proxy war of international players.
  • Because where Russia supports Haftar, Turkey supports the Saraj-led government.

8. Lockdown also killed more than 300 people: study

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, there have been more than 300 cases of death during the nationwide bandh which are not directly related to the coronavirus infection, but other problems related to it are the cause.

  • The group of researchers includes public interest technologist Tejesh GN, social activist Kanika Sharma and assistant professor Aman at Jindal Global School of Law. The group claims that there have been 338 deaths between March 19 and May 2, linked to the lockdown.
  • According to the study, statistics show that 80 people have committed suicide by fearing loneliness and fear of being infected. After this, the largest number of those who died is of migrant laborers. During the bandh, 51 migrant laborers have died in various road accidents when they were returning to their homes. Withdrawal Symptoms (due to non-availability of alcohol) killed 45 people and 36 people have died due to hunger and financial crisis.
  • The data has been prepared by combining information from newspapers, web portals, and social media. It is noteworthy that more than 56,000 people have been infected with Kovid-19 in the country, out of which 1,800 people have died.
  • The study covers only the cases of deaths up to May 2. Even after this, many people have died due to lockdown or coronavirus related problems.
  • In a similar incident, 14 migrant laborers have died in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra on May 8 after being hit by a freight train. The workers going from Jalna to Bhusaval were returning to Madhya Pradesh.

9. Mike Hesson returns home after being stranded in India for more than a month

  • Mike Hessen, Director of Cricket Operations at Royal Challengers Bangalore, an Indian Premier League franchise, has returned to New Zealand after being stranded in India for more than a month.
  • Hewson, a former New Zealand cricketer and coach, arrived in India on March 5 for the new season of the IPL but was stranded here due to the nationwide lockdown and aviation not being available to prevent the spread of the Kovid-19 epidemic.
  • India and New Zealand announced a lockdown in their respective countries last month to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. These included travel restrictions that forced 45-year-old Hessen to stay in Bangalore. India still has a lockdown but New Zealand has relaxed it.

10. Woods, Mickelson to raise $ 10 million for virus relief from charity match

  • World golfer Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will raise $ 10 million for the Kovid-19 relief fund by participating in a match between the four players at Medalist Golf Club on May 24.
  • Turner Sports has announced that Woods and Peyton Manning will take on Mikkelsen and Tom Brady in ‘The Match: Champions for Charity’. The match will be broadcast on several television channels.
  • Warner Media and the four golfers together will donate $ 10 million to be used for various relief efforts locally and nationally.
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