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Canada becomes the first country to announce not sending athletes to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Canadian Olympic officials have called for the postponement of the Olympic Games. Also, it said that Canada would not be able to send its Olympic team in July 2020, given the risk of coronavirus infection.

  • The Olympic Games are scheduled to begin on July 24, but Canada has become the first country to withdraw from the Olympic Games when it is due in July, amid the growing threat of coronavirus infection and the precarious state of the IOC.
  • Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has also said that the Olympic Games can be postponed because of the prevailing circumstances.
  • The IOC will decide on postponing the Tokyo Olympics within four weeks. The IOC says it will decide by talking to the Government of Japan, global sports officials, broadcasters and sponsors.
  • Countries around the world have called for the postponement of the Olympic Games amid the growing threat of coronavirus infection, and the IOC will now have to take a final decision on the Olympic Games, following continued pressure. More than 3.3 lakh people have been found positive due to coronavirus infection, while 14.5 thousand people have lost their lives, already many sports events have been postponed due to coronavirus infection worldwide.
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