Belinda Peregrín Schüll Biography

Belinda Peregrín Schüll is a Mexican singer and actress with a career that spans multiple genres and languages. She is best known for her pop music, with hit singles like “Luz Sin Gravedad” and “Egoista.” In the acting world, she has starred in a number of Televisa shows, including “Aventuras en el Tiempo” and “Código Postal.” From magazine covers to international tours and awards, Belinda has achieved massive success and worldwide recognition for her unmistakable talent.

Mexico’s Dancing Queen

Belinda Peregrín Schüll is a renowned Mexican singer and actress from Madrid, Spain. She’s been dubbed “Mexico’s Dancing Queen” for her iconic music videos and performances. At the age of 11, she began her career in entertainment with a part in the musical production “La Oveja Negra.”

Early Years

Born on August 15th, 1989, Belinda moved to Mexico City with her family in 2001. She enrolled in the Centro de Educación Artística (CEA), Televisa’s respected acting school. There, she learned the basics of acting, singing, and dancing. It was here that her professional career began to take shape.

Belinda’s Pop Singing Debut

In 2004, Belinda released her self-titled debut album, which contained her first hit single, “Boba Niña Nice.” The album was a hit in Mexico and Latin America and established Belinda as an icon in the Spanish-speaking world.

Acting in Televisa

In 2006, Belinda made her acting debut in Televisa’s telenovela “Aventuras en el Tiempo.” She went on to star in other television shows and films, such as “Código Postal,” “Cómplices Al Rescate,” and “Misión S.O.S.”

Gaining International Recognition

In 2009, Belinda released her third album, “Utopía,” which featured hits like “Luz Sin Gravedad” and “Egoista.” The album earned her international awards and nominations, and established Belinda as a global star.

Music Video Success

Belinda has released over 20 music videos, which have earned her a reputation as a fashion icon. She has collaborated with renowned directors, including Emilio Estefan, Liz Gallardo, and Marc Klasfield. Her music videos have been viewed over one billion times on YouTube and have been nominated for a variety of awards, including MTV Video Music Awards.

Magazines & Red Carpets

Belinda has been featured on the cover of several magazines and is a regular on the red carpet. She’s been seen at events like the Latin Grammy Awards and Premios Juventud.

Behind the Scenes of Belinda’s Life

Behind the scenes of Belinda’s life, she’s a wife, mother, and humanitarian. She’s been married to professional soccer player Michel Saavedra since 2015, and the couple has two children. Belinda is also a committed philanthropist and has supported charities like the Special Olympics and UNICEF Mexico.

A Singer & a Songwriter

Belinda is not only a singer, but also a songwriter. She has composed songs for her own albums as well as for her peers. She has even collaborated with big names like Pitbull, Zucchero, and Akon.

Motherhood & Career

Belinda has managed to successfully balance motherhood and a demanding career. She continues to release new music and tour the world, while still finding the time to be a hands-on mother.

International Tours & Albums

Since her debut, Belinda has released five studio albums and has toured internationally. She has performed in countries like the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and Chile.

An Inspiration to the World

Belinda Peregrín Schüll is an inspiration to many for her hard work, dedication, and commitment to her craft. She is a shining example of a successful artist who has achieved her dreams through determination and perseverance.

From the stages of Televisa to the red carpets of international events, Belinda Peregrín Schüll has become one of the most successful Mexican artists of the 21st century. With her iconic music videos, international tours, and humanitarian efforts, Belinda has inspired millions around the world and continues to be an inspiration with every new project.


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