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Banking and financial Awareness Previous Year Questions

Q 41. Where is the headquarters of Central bank of India located?

(a) New Delhi
(b) Mumbai
(c) Pune
(d) Bangalore
(e) None of these
Ans: (b)

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Q 42. The Concept of ‘Universal Banking’ was implemented in India on the recommendations of:

(a) Abid Hussai Committee
(b) R H Khan Committee
(c) S Padmanabhan Committee
(d) YH Malegam Committee
(e) None of these
Ans: (b)

Q 43. Punjab National Bank is an Indian Financial Services company based in which city?

(a) New Delhi
(b) Mumbai
(c) Chandigarh
(d) Jaipur
(e) None of these
Ans: (a)

Q 44. The Antwerp Diamond Bank is a small, 75-year-old bank that specializes exclusively in serving the diamond and the diamond jewelry sector. Where is the headquarter of the Antwerp Diamond Bank?

(a) Vienna, Austria
(b) Antwerp, Belgium
(c) Frankfurt, Germany
(d) Beijing, China
(e) Washington DC, USA
Ans: (b)

Q 45. Payments banks are a new model of banks conceptualized by the Reserve Bank of India . These banks can accept a restricted deposit which is currently limited to INR 1 lakh per customer account. How much amount minimum capital has requirement for Payments banks?

(a) ` 1 crore
(b) ` 50 crore
(c) ` 1000 crore
(d) ` 500 crore
(e) ` 100 crore
Ans: (e)

Q 46. Corporation Bank is a public sector banking company headquartered in……….?

(a) Kolkata
(b) Mangalore
(c) Chennai
(d) Bengaluru
(e) Mumbai
Ans: (b)

Q 47. Which agency in India provides refinance of export credit?

(c) RBI
(d) EXIM Bank
(e) Government of India
Ans: (d)

Q 48. The chief regulator of commodity exchanges in India is

(a) Securities and Exchange Board of India
(b) Reserve Bank of India
(c) Competition Commission of India
(d) Forward Markets Commission
(e) Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution.
Ans: (d)

Q 49. Some major banks and financial institutions in various Western countries were to wind up their business and/or declare themselves in financial problems during last few years. This trend is technically known as:

(a) Devaluation
(b) Political backdrop
(c) Global Slowdown
(d) Deformation
(e) None of these
Ans: (c)

Q 50. What is the full form of the term PMI? It is an indicator of business activity both in the manufacturing and services sectors?

(a) Purchasing Monitors’ Index
(b) Purchasing Management Index
(c) Purchasing Market Index
(d) Purchasing Managers’ Index
(e) None of these
Ans: (d)

Q 51. Which bank has launched India’s first internationally-listed certified green bond to finance climate change solutions around the world at London Stock Exchange ?

(a) Yes Bank
(b) ICICI Bank
(c) Axis Bank
(d) HDFC Bank
(e) None of these
Ans: (c)

Q 52. The first-ever niche banking license award process will start soon as the external advisory committee headed by _______has given its report to the RBI in this regard.

(a) Bimal Jalan
(b) Nachiket Mor
(c) R Gandhi
(d) Urjit Patel
(e) None of these
Ans: (b)

Q 53. As part of the financial sector liberalization, all credit related matters of banks including charging of interest have been deregulated by RBI and are now governed by

(a) The govt. policies
(b) The banks own lending policies
(c) International practices
(d) The policies of World Bank
(e) None of these
Ans: (b)

Q 54. As we know commercial banks accept deposits from the public. What do banks do with this money?

(a) This is a type of credit creation. Bank gives this on loan
(b) This is an income for the bank
(c) Banks give this money directly to the Govt. for developmental projects
(d) This money is deposited with the RBI who in turn gives some interest on it banks
(e) None of these
Ans: (a)

Q 55. Which of the following bank is generally not considered as Commercial bank?

(a) Public Sector Bank
(b) Private Sector Bank
(c) Development Bank
(d) Foreign Bank
(e) None of these
Ans: (c)

Q 56. The Reserve Bank of India has proposed a four-tier banking structure as opposed to the existing two-tier model in order to enhance competition and finance higher growth in the country. Which of the following will not come under the third tier of the proposed system ?

(a) Old private sector banks
(b) Regional rural banks
(c) Multi-state urban cooperative banks
(d) Branches of foreign banks in India
(e) None of these
Ans: (d)

Q 57. Which of the following Is not correct regarding FSLRC ?

(a) It reviews, simplifies and rewrites the legislations affecting the financial markets in India
(b) It evolves a common set of principles for governance of financial sector regulatory institutions
(c) It streamlines the regulatory architecture of financial markets
(d) It was formed in 2013
(e) None of these
Ans: (d)

Q 58. Which of the following examines the current monetary policy of India ?

(a) National Development Council
(b) Planning Commission
(c) Reserve Bank of India
(d) Ministry of Finance, Government of India
(e) SEBI
Ans: (c)

Q 59. Refinance facility is provided by NABARD. Which institution can avail this facility?

(a) Commercial Banks
(b) State Co-operative Banks
(c) Regional rural Banks
(d) State agricultural Development Finance Companies
(e) All of the above
Ans: (e)

Q 60. The largest share of Gross Domestic product in India comes from?

(a) Agricultural & allied Sector
(b) Manufacturing & Construction
(c) Defense & public Administration
(d) Service Sector
(e) None of these
Ans: (d)

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