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Banking and financial Awareness Previous Year Questions

Q 121. Market Segmentation means dividing:

(a) The marketing teams into small groups
(b) The employees as per their grades
(c) The products, as per their usage
(d) The products, as per their life cycles
(e) The market, as per the tastes and needs of different groups.
Ans: (e)

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Q 122. The process of discovering patterns and relationships using the available customer data to reveal what customers want and how they act is known as:

(a) Data warehousing
(b) Data base
(c) Data mining
(d) Data building
(e) Data matching
Ans: (c)

Q 123. Telemarketing means:

(a) Internet marketing
(b) Selling telephones
(c) Door-to-door contacts
(d) Sending and receiving SMS messages
(e) Marketing through telephone calls
Ans: (e)

Q 124. Motivating customers to buy upgraded products when they had intended to buy something of lower value is known as:

(a) Cross Selling
(b) Forward Selling
(c) Marketing
(d) Channel Marketing
(e) Up Selling
Ans: (e)

Q 125. The modern marketing concept asserts that ‘marketing’ starts with the product idea and ends with:

(a) Production of Quality Product
(b) Advertisement Campaign
(c) Customer Satisfaction
(d) Sale of the Product
(e) Exchange of Money
Ans: (c)

Q 126. A situation in which consumer purchases are unplanned is called:

(a) Latent demand
(b) Impulse buying
(c) Irregular demand
(d) Unwholesome buying
(e) None of these
Ans: (b)

Q 127. One of the following is NOT required in a good sales person. Find the same:

(a) Sympathetic approach
(b) Good communication skills
(c) Courteous nature
(d) Persuasion skills
(e) Perseverance
Ans: (a)

Q 128. List of people who do not wish to receive telemarketing calls is:

(a) Dare Not Call List
(b) Do Not Call List
(c) Do Not Dial List
(d) Do Never Call List
(e) None of these
Ans: (b)

Q 129. Marketing of goods experimentally in several carefully selected areas before releasing them on a wide scale is known as:

(a) Sampling
(b) Segmentation
(c) Segregation
(d) Test marketing
(e) Grading
Ans: (d)

Q 130. Motivation in marketing means:

(a) Inspiring sales persons to talk more
(b) Inspiring sales persons to sell more
(c) Inspiring counter staff to talk more
(d) Market size
(e) Market place
Ans: (b)

Q 131. Setting price of a product based on the buyer’s perceptions of value rather than on the seller’s cost is known as

(a) Break Even Pricing
(b) Target Profit Pricing
(c) Cost Plus Pricing
(d) Value Based Pricing
(e) None of these
Ans: (d)

Q 132. Which one of the following best describes the term ‘Negative Demand’?

(a) Consumers begin to buy a product less frequently
(b) Consumers do not at all buy a product
(c) Consumers are unaware or uninterested in a product
(d) Consumers purchases vary on a seasonal basis
(e) Consumers dislike a product and may even pay to avoid it.
Ans: (e)

Q 133. Leads for canvassing home loan accounts can be obtained from:

(a) Builders
(b) Individuals building one’s own house
(c) Audit Departments
(d) Brick manufacturers
(e) Cement suppliers
Ans: (a)

Q 134. Internet Banking can be popularized by way of:

(a) Reduced prices
(b) Higher prices
(c) Wide Area Network
(d) Better technology
(e) More ATMs
Ans: (d)

Q 135. Uncertain outcomes involving the market for goods and services; such as the possibility of price declines or increases, changes in consumer preferences, and/or changes in the nature of competition is called:

(a) Market Scope
(b) Market Risk
(c) Market Outlook
(d) Market Outcome
(e) Market Design
Ans: (b)

Q 136. Good competition helps in:

(a) Improved customer service
(b) Reduced sales
(c) Improved brand image
(d) More market share
(e) Better customer profile
Ans: (a)

Q 137. The systematic gathering, recording and analyzing of data with respect to a particular market is known as:

(a) Market Share
(b) Market Segmentation
(c) Market Profile
(d) Market Research
(e) Marketing Research
Ans: (d)

Q 138. The most common source for leads generation for any company is:

(a) House magazines
(b) Audit guidelines
(c) Yellow Pages
(d) Dictionary
(e) Vision Document
Ans: (c)

Q 139. Which of the following domains is used by for profit businesses?

(a) .com
(b) .edu
(c) .mil
(d) .net
(e) .org
Ans: (a)

Q 140. Which of the following can be used to select the entire document?

(a) CTRL + A
(b) ALT + F5
(c) SHIFT + A
(d) CTRL + K
(e) CTRL + H
Ans: (a)

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