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Banking and financial Awareness Previous Year Questions

Q 41. Service Marketing is the same as

(a) Internet Marketing
(b) Telemarketing
(c) Internal Marketing
(d) Relationship Marketing
(e) Transaction Marketing
Ans: (d)

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Q 42. Market-driven strategies include

(a) Identifying problems
(b) Planning marketing tactics of peers
(c) Positioning the Organisation and its brands in the marketplace
(d) Internal marketing
(e) Selling old products
Ans: (c)

Q 43. Innovation in marketing is same as

(a) Motivation
(b) Perspiration
(c) Aspiration
(d) Creativity
(e) Team work
Ans: (d)

Q 44. A Direct Selling Agent is required to be adept in __________.

(a) Surrogate marketing
(b) Training skills
(c) Communication skills
(d) Market Research
(e) OTC Marketing
Ans: (c)

Q 45. Market segmentation can be resorted to by dividing the target group as per _________.

(a) Income levels of customers
(b) Age of the employees
(c) Needs of the sales persons
(d) Marketing skills of the employees
(e) Size of the Organisation
Ans: (a)

Q 46. Which of the following services relate to execution of transactions directly with consumers, rather than corporations or other banks?

(a) Wholesale Banking Services
(b) Industrial Banking Services
(c) Investment Banking Services
(d) Corporate Banking Services
(e) Retail Banking Services
Ans: (e)

Q 47. What is the full form of MTSS?

(a) Money Transfer Service Scheme
(b) Money Transparency Service Scheme
(c) Market Transfer Service Scheme
(d) Market Tax Service Scheme
(e) None of these
Ans: (a)

Q 48. Which of the following is refered as Fastest mode of transaction?

(a) Transfer funds into different bank’s accounts using NEFT.
(b) Transfer funds into other bank accounts using RTGS .
(c) Transfer funds into various accounts using IMPS .
(d) Transfer funds into different account of the same bank
(e) None of these
Ans: (b)

Q 49. What is the minimum capital required for foreign bank to open branch in India?

(a) 400 Crore
(b) 450 Crore
(c) 500 Crore
(d) 550 Crore
(e) None of these
Ans: (c)

Q 50. Which commercial bank of India recently became the first to launch Mobile Branch with ATM. titled ‘Branch on Wheels’?

(a) State Bank of India
(b) Axis Bank
(c) ICICI Bank
(d) ABN Amro Bank
(e) Punjab National Bank
Ans: (c)

Q 51. Market Segmentation can be defined as

(a) Segment, Target, Price
(b) Sales, Target, Product
(c) Segment, Target, Position
(d) Sales, Time, Product
(e) Service, Sales, Segment
Ans: (c)

Q 52. Which of the following is the fastest mode of transaction?

(a) RTGS
(b) Cheque payment
(c) ATM Cash Withdrawal
(d) NEFT
(e) None of these
Ans: (a)

Q 53. A marketing technique where marketer plays a specific role in a particular segment is called

(a) Mass Marketing
(b) Niche Marketing
(c) Strategic Marketing
(d) Communication Marketing
(e) None of these
Ans: (b)

Q 54. In Market segmentation which among the following is not an economic component?

(a) Age
(b) Gender
(c) Income Level
(d) Taxes
(e) Only

(a) and (b)
Ans: (e)

Q 55. Which of the following come under the ambit of Customer relationship management?

(a) Sales
(b) Marketing
(c) Customer Service
(d) Technical support
(e) All of the above
Ans: (e)

Q 56. Direct Marketing means

(a) Advertisements
(b) Banners
(c) Face-to-face selling
(d) Selling by all staff
(e) Achieving targets
Ans: (c)

Q 57. Web marketing involves

(a) Selling web cameras
(b) Web advertisements
(c) e-mail chatting
(d) Browsing the web
(e) Door-to-door canvassing
Ans: (b)

Q 58. The ultimate aim of Marketing is to provide

(a) More business to the Company
(b) More profit
(c) More staff
(d) More production
(e) More products
Ans: (a)

Q 59. Selling process includes

(a) Publicity
(b) Lead generation
(c) Cross-country contacts
(d) Product Designing
(e) Product Re-designing
Ans: (b)

Q 60. Market share means

(a) Paid up capital
(b) Shares held by employees
(c) Share of business volume as compared to other companies
(d) Share price of the company quoted in the market
(e) Sensex
Ans: (c)

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