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Banking and financial Awareness Previous Year Questions

Q 41. Which of the following names is associated with a Health scheme launched by the Govt. of India?

(a) VAT
(b) MAT
(c) CAR
(d) AAFI
(e) ASHA
Ans: (e)

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Q 42. An individual going to Kuwait will have to make all his/her payments in which of the following currencies?

(a) Pula
(b) Ruble
(c) Curo
(d) Lari
(e) Dinar
Ans: (e)

Q 43. Which of the following trophies/cups is NOT associated with the game of Football?

(a) Challenge Cup
(b) Nehru Gold Cup
(c) Carling Cup
(d) FIFA World Cup
(e) Merdeka Cup
Ans: (a)

Q 44. The regulator of the Insurance Companies in India is_______

(a) RBI
(b) Finance Minister
(c) SEBI
(d) IBA
(e) None of these
Ans: (e)

Q 45. Which of the following is the Currency of Iran?

(a) Dinar
(b) Rial
(c) Lari
(d) Rufiyaa
(e) Dirham
Ans: (b)

Q 46. The Head Quarters of the International Court of Justice is located in—

(a) Vienna
(b) London
(c) Tokyo
(d) Paris
(e) Hague
Ans: (e)

Q 47. Compilation of data on industrial production in India is done by which of the following agencies/organisations?

(a) National Testing Lab
(b) Reserve Bank of India
(c) Census Commission of India
(d) Planning Commission of India
(e) Central Statistics Office
Ans: (e)

Q 48. Who among the following is the ex-officio Chairman of the Rajya Sabha?

(a) Pratibha Patil
(b) Mohammad Hamid Ansari
(c) Manmohan Singh
(d) Miera Kumar
(e) L.K. Advani
Ans: (b)

Q 49. Which of the following is a programme launched by the Govt of India aimed at providing good health services in rural areas?

(a) ASHA
(b) Mid Day Meal
(c) Kutir Jyoti
(d) Jeevan Arogya
(e) Swabhiman
Ans: (a)

Q 50. Who among the following is known as the ‘Father of Green Revolution’ in India?

(a) Dr. MS Swaiminathan
(b) Dr Amartya Sen
(c) Dr Kurien Verghese
(d) Dr Raja Ramanna
(e) Dr Homi Bhabha
Ans: (a)

Q 51. Which of the following is a ‘Cash Crop’?

(a) Wheat
(b) Jowar
(c) Paddy
(d) Bajra
(e) Sugarcane
Ans: (e)

Q 52. Which of the following rivers flows between India and China?

(a) Ganga
(b) Narmada
(c) Brahmaputra
(d) Chambal
(e) Krishna
Ans: (c)

Q 53. Which of the following institutions is an asset reconstruction company?

(d) ARClL
(e) IRDA
Ans: (d)

Q 54. Kabul is a Town in

(a) Pakistan
(b) Nepal
(c) Bhutan
(d) Bangladesh
(e) Afghanistan
Ans: (e)

Q 55. Union Budget is always presented in the month of

(a) January
(b) March
(c) April
(d) December
(e) February
Ans: (e)

Q 56. Which of the following is an agricultural product?

(a) Honey
(b) Butter
(c) Molasses
(d) Ginger
(e) Ethanol
Ans: (d)

Q 57. Which of the following States is among the North East States of India?

(a) Jammu & Kashmir
(b) Punjab
(c) Himachal Pradesh
(d) Meghalaya
(e) Rajasthan
Ans: (d)

Q 58. Which of the following is NOT the name of a country?

(a) Congo
(b) Ethiopia
(c) Paris
(d) Uganda
(e) East Timor
Ans: (c)

Q 59. ‘Dinar’ is the currency of which of the following countries?

(a) Pakistan
(b) Iran
(c) Ghana
(d) South Sudan
(e) Libya
Ans: (e)

Q 60. Which of the following terms is used in the game of Chess?

(a) Checkmate
(b) Hoops
(c) Stroke
(d) Heave
(e) Deuce
Ans: (a)

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