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Amber Alert: What is it and how does it work?

The Amber Alert System is a life-saving tool used to quickly locate missing or abducted children. Find out what Amber Alert is and how it works to help protect children in danger. Learn the criteria that must be met for the system to be activated and what steps authorities take when an alert is issued.


The Amber Alert system is an invaluable tool for parents, law enforcement, and the community to help rapidly locate missing children and safely return them home. It’s also an essential reminder of dangers present in today’s world, and encourages everyone to take steps to prevent child abduction. In this article, we’ll look at what the Amber Alert system is, how it works, and how to stay informed about it.

Understanding the Amber Alert System: An Overview

The Amber Alert system, formerly known as the Emergency Broadcast System (EAS), is an early warning system that utilizes broadcast media outlets, such as television and radio, to issue an urgent message when a child is abducted. This system was developed in 1996 and is named after 9-year-old Amber Hagerman, who was abducted and subsequently killed in Texas. Since that time, it has been credited with the return of over 800 lost or abducted children in the United States alone.

What is an Amber Alert and How Can It Help?

An Amber Alert is an urgent message issued by law enforcement authorities in cases of child abduction. The purpose of the alert is to quickly spread the word in the hopes of finding the missing child. In addition to broadcast media such as television and radio, alerts are also sent to law enforcement agencies and participating wireless subscribers. The alert contains information regarding the child and any suspect or vehicle description associated with the case.

The Basics of Amber Alert: What You Need to Know

When a child is reported as missing or abducted, law enforcement must determine if an Amber Alert should be issued based on certain criteria. In order for an Alert to be issued, the following criteria must be met:

  • The child is 17 years old or younger
  • The law enforcement agency has reasonable belief that the child is in immediate risk of serious injury or death
  • There is enough descriptive information about the child, abduction, or the abductor for the public to help

If those criteria are met, Amber Alerts will be issued through broadcast media outlets – primarily television and radio – but can also be issued on digital billboards and other forms of public signage.

Making Sense of an Amber Alert: How It Works

When an Amber Alert is issued, public information is disseminated throughout the area so that the public can help locate the child. The alert will contain essential information about the child such as age, sex, clothing description and any other relevant physical details. It will also contain information about the abductor and any vehicle involved in the abduction.

Once the Alert is issued, it will be broadcast on TV, radio and other digital media platforms, as well as sent to local law enforcement. The public can then help find the missing child by keeping an eye out for any vehicles mentioned in the alert and notifying the police if they spot the vehicle or the abducted child.

A Look Into Amber Alert: How to Stay Informed

It’s important to stay informed and up to date on any Amber Alerts in your area. This information can be found online on the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s website, as well as other law enforcement websites and media outlets.

By staying informed, you can help protect children in your community and be prepared to act in the event of an abduction. It’s also important to share any relevant information you have about an Amber Alert with your family and friends.


The Amber Alert program has proven to be an invaluable tool for law enforcement agencies, parents and the public in locating abducted or missing children. Through this system, vital information is quickly disseminated and the public can help find the child.

By staying informed and aware of Amber Alerts in your area, you can help protect the children in your community and assist in safely returning them home.


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