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After the Corona Virus, Laughing Virus made everyone sleepy

  • After the Coronavirus, another virus has caused worldwide panic. According to the Chinese newspaper Global Times, a person infected with the Hantavirus was returning from a bus to Shandong province to work. He was found positive with the Hantavirus. 32 other people boarding the bus have also been investigated.
  • If we talk about Lata virus, then this virus is not spread like coronavirus through person to person and surface also. Earlier, there were cases of Hantavirus and it was easily controlled.

What is Laughing Virus?

  • According to the CDC report, Laugh virus is caused by exposure to mice and squirrels. When a person comes in contact with the faeces or urine of a rat and squirrel, that person may suffer from Hantavirus infection.
  • According to the study done so far, the virus has not passed from person to person. It may take one to eight weeks for the infection to be detected.
  • If a person is infected with laughter, he may suffer from fever, pain, cold, body pain, vomiting. Laughing can worsen the filling of the lungs and breathing if the condition of the infected person worsens.
  • According to the CDC, the death rate in Hantavirus is 38% and there is no ‘specific treatment’ of the disease. In January 2019, nine people infected with hanta died in Patagonia, after which tourists were also warned.
  • The first case of the Hantavirus is not from China. The first case of infection with the virus came from South Western America in May 1993. These were the four corners — Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah.


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