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5 February 2021 Current Affairs

5 February 2021 Current Affairs: has the highest scoring section in all competitive exams. This plays an important role in the exam as it can help achieve the overall cutoff and increase the chances of being selected. It is not possible for any student preparing for the exam to keep up to date with the latest information happening around the world daily. Therefore, we are providing daily current affairs to get information around the world. Read the article on 5 February 2021 to learn about important current affairs.

Q.1. When is International Day of Human Fraternity celebrated?

(A) 02 February
(B) 04 February
(C) 01 February
(D) None of these

Ans: (B) 04 February

Q.2. How long has the US and Russia extended the nuclear weapons control treaty?

(A) 2026
(B) 2024
(C) 2025
(D) None of these


(A) 2026

Q.3. Where will a musical programme called Abhivadan be held?

(A) Indore
(B) Pune
(C) Gwalior
(D) None of these

Ans: (B) Pune

Q.4. Which state government has recently announced no registration, no road tax on EVs?

(A) Odisha
(B) Rajasthan
(C) Telangana
(D) None of these

Ans: (C) Telangana

Q.5. Recently passed away Hal Holbrook was a famous?

(A) Author
(B) Actor
(C) Singer
(D) None of these

Ans: (B) Actor

Q.6. Where will the recent military exercise called ‘Yudh Abhyas’ be held between India and America?

(A) Goa
(B) Rajasthan
(C) Maharashtra
(D) None of these

Ans: (B) Rajasthan

Q.7. Who has been honored with the ‘Zayed Award’ recently?

(A) Antonio Guterres
(B) Latifa Ibn ziaten
(C) Both of the above
(D) None of these

Ans: (C) Both of the above

Q.8. Recently Bikram Singh Bedi has been appointed as MD of which company?

(A) Amazon
(B) Google Cloud
(C) Facebook
(D) None of these

Ans: (B) Google Cloud

Q.9. Who has become the president of ‘Boxing Federation of India’?

(A) Gurvendra Singh
(B) Ajay Singh
(C) Ajit Joshi
(D) None of these

Ans: (B) Ajay Singh

Q.10. Which country has recently approved the Russian coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V?

(A) Belarus
(B) Mexico
(C) Cambodia
(D) None of these

Ans: (B) Mexico

Q.11. According to the recently released report, who has become the top celebrity endorser of India?

(A) Akshay Kumar
(B) Ranveer Singh
(C) Virat Kohli
(D) None of these

Ans: (C) Virat Kohli

Q.12. Recently Andy Jassy has been announced as the CEO of which company?

(A) Google
(B) Amazon
(C) Facebook
(D) None of these

Ans: (B) Amazon

Q.13. Where has the teen health program named ‘Udaan Tara’ started recently?

(A) Bhopal
(B) Jaisalmer
(C) Dhaulpur
(D) None of these

Ans: (C) Dhaulpur

Q.14. Who has inaugurated the ‘Chauri Chaura Shatabdi Festival’?

(A) Ram Nath Kovind
(B) Narendra Modi
(C) Rajnath Singh
(D) None of these

Ans: (B) Narendra Modi

Q.15. Who has been appointed as the interim head of CBI?

(A) Pramod Maheshwari
(B) RK Shukla
(C) Praveen Sinha
(D) None of these

Ans: (C) Praveen Sinha
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