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20 March 2021 Current Affairs

20 March 2021 Current Affairs: has the highest scoring section in all competitive exams. This plays an important role in the exam as it can help achieve the overall cutoff and increase the chances of being selected. It is not possible for any student preparing for the exam to keep up to date with the latest information happening around the world daily. Therefore, we are providing daily current affairs to get information around the world. Read the article on 20 March 2021 to learn about important current affairs.

Table of Contents

Q.1. Who has become the youngest person in the world to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa?

(A) Hardhik Garg
(B) Virat Chandra
(C) Ajay Mittal
(D) None of these

Ans: (B) Virat Chandra

Q.2. Where has the Mission Gramodaya been launched recently?

(A) Haryana
(B) Uttar Pradesh
(C) Madhya Pradesh
(D) None of these

Ans: (C) Madhya Pradesh

Q.3. According to the data recently published by NPCI, which bank was the top sender on the UPI platform in February?

(C) HDFC Bank
(D) None of these

Ans: (B) SBI

Q.4. What was the theme of ‘International Day of Action for Rivers’?

(A) Clean Rivers
(B) Rivers and polution
(C) Rights of Rivers
(D) None of these

Ans: (C) Rights of Rivers

Q.5. Which company has partnered with Microsoft AWS and Google to develop cloud-based 5G radio solutions?

(A) Oppo
(B) Nokia
(C) Vivo
(D) None of these

Ans: (B) Nokia

Q.6. Where is the ‘Amar Ekushey Book Fair’ inaugurated recently?

(A) Tokyo
(B) Dakha
(C) Colombo
(D) None of these

Ans: (B) Dakha

Q.7. Which country has signed the International Solar Alliance under the revised ISA Framework Agreement?

(A) Austria
(B) Slovenia
(C) Italy
(D) None of these

Ans: (C) Italy

Q.8. Which state government will set up 100 nursery sports academies to attract children to sports?

(A) Haryana
(B) Rajasthan
(C) Maharashtra
(D) None of these

Ans: (B) Rajasthan

Q.9. Which country will propose a law banning cryptocurrency?

(A) Ruaaia
(C) India
(D) None of these

Ans: (C) India

Q.10. Which Indian company has been recently included in the WEF Global Lighthouse Network?

(A) Vikram Solar
(B) ReNew Power
(C) Selco india
(D) None of these

Ans: (B) ReNew Power

Q.11. Samsung India has established a Samsung Innovation Lab in which university?

(A) AMU (Aligarh Muslim University)
(B) BHU (Banaras Hindu University)
(C) DTU (Delhi Technological University)
(D) None of these

Ans: (C) DTU (Delhi Technological University)

Q.12. According to the recently released Hurun India Wealth Report 2020, which city is home to maximum millionaires in India?

(A) Delhi
(B) Mumbai
(C) Bengaluru
(D) None of these

Ans: (B) Mumbai

Q.13. Where has Hero Motors Company established its global headquarters?

(A) Paris
(B) Tokyo
(C) London
(D) None of these

Ans: (C) London

Q.14. Where will the Kaushal Mela be held recently?

(A) Dhaka
(B) Kargil
(C) Kathmandu
(D) None of these

Ans: (B) Kargil

Q.15. Recently Moody’s has estimated the GDP of India to increase by what percent in 2021?

(A) 12%
(B) 7.9%
(C) 8.4%
(D) None of these

Ans: (A) 12%
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