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14-day quarantine will be mandatory for passengers returning to Canada

Canada has essentially ensured segregation for those returning to Canada under the Quarantine Act. Deputy Prime Minister Crystalline Freeland said a 14-day separation would be required under the act.

  • It will be a legal obligation for people entering Canada from outside Canada. Necessary workers are excluded from this. The Deputy Prime Minister said the punishment would be announced later.
  • The Act exempts truckers and health care workers crossing the border. It is noteworthy that Canada and the United States have already closed their common limits for all non-essential travel but essential services are still continuing. Canada relies on cross-border trade for essential goods such as food and medicine.
  • The Act prohibits passengers from taking public transport such as subways to go to quarantine places. In addition, the act does not allow quarantine with vulnerable members of the passenger public who are at high risk of catching the disease.
  • Shortly before, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that his government would pay 2,000 Canadian dollars (US $ 1,395) / month for the next four months to workers who lost their source of income as a result of the epidemic.

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  • In order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases or pest, the movement of people or goods and mixing with others is prohibited, known as quarantine or quarantine. The purpose of quarantine is to restrict the movement of people affected by infectious diseases or exposed to infectious patients.
  • ‘Quarantine’ is a word of Latin origin. Its original meaning is forty. In the old times, ships where a passenger was suspected of having a disease or germs spread in the cargo on the ship would have to stay forty days away from the port. This system started in Great Britain as an attempt to stop the plague.


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